writing challenges

Weekly Writing Prompt Starting Week of Monday 7th September 2015
Write Your Response in Whatever Form You Choose
A New Prompt Will Appear Every Monday
And Will Conclude on Sunday @5pm
I Was Inspired By Other Bloggers To Initiate This Challenge
Hope It Is Inspiring & Peaks The Imagination
the secret keeper – jk

weekly writing prompt #1this image will not be changed on monday weekly.
the new Prompt & # will appear only on new post



The A-Z Writing Challenge is taking a hiatus for an indeterminate length of time beginning 2nd September 2015

Enjoyed the encouragement and the following – Thank You

The A-Z Writing Challenge I recreated a writing challenge I found on a fellow blog mates Post. I modified the Challenge. The First Challenge was ‘A’ to ‘Z’ Writing Challenge #1 – ‘A dark and stormy night…’ A new phrase will appear every Monday with a new #. With the new weekly phrase write a [Story, Poem, Essay, Flash Fiction, Letter*, etc…] using the prompt as the beginning of the first sentence and each following sentence is to begin with the next letter of the alphabet.’B’ and ‘C’ and so on. I hope you will find this a fun Challenge and a Good Time Playing with the alphabet and awakening the creative in all of us.



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