a la carte


A La Carte is an assignment from my psychotherapist. Food doesn’t especially agree with me at the moment. My appetite is non-existent. What I am to do with this page is post individual food presentations which if looked at long enough will trigger something inside my mind and/or body to be draw to food, and just maybe set off a desire to want to consume something, to satisfy my need for nutrition, in order to prevent my body from slowly shutting down. Unfortunately, I am teetering on this precipice presently, and it is becoming more serious all the time. Anyone who has a suggestion for a particular singular food temptation, please leave a message in the comments. If you happen to have a link to an image of this delicious looking morsel, please feel free to leave it with your comment. If it strikes my appetite, I will post on this page with credit to anyone who contributes, if you wish and if not I will just say it was from anonymous. I appreciate any suggestions that will help to reawaken my desire to eat again. Thank you, sincerely, Jennifer Jk

Puff Pastry Cinnamon Rolls
The first Food that came to mind after I thought about my psychotherapist’s assignment. Sticky Buns. Brown sugar & melted white frosting. Warm.

bberry cheese
Cheesecake is a favorite for Shawn’s Birthday, but delicious anytime. I just love Blueberries.

Favorite All Time Meal. Prefer Shawn’s Turkey Cheeseburger & Fries. Following that a Whooper w/ Cheese hold the pickles. No Fries. Mickey D Vanilla Milkshake.


Discovered Lobster at my 22nd Birthday Party in a Grand Sea Food Restaurant in CT. It was on the water, in the middle of Summer. My Sister & Brother-in-law treated me.

raspberry tart 2 gif


creamy deserts

Chocolate Chip Cannoli



basil mozzarella tomatoe wonton wrappers

basil mozzarella tomatoe wonton wrappers

Basic Cheese Pizza

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