Ruby | a short film

Ruby – a short film

Visually amazing.
Mind Altering Transformation.

An animated self-portrait exploring the idea of rebirth and illustrating the transfer of energy from one incarnation to another. I painted this stop frame animation on myself over 5 days, using some face paints, a mirror and a camera. – Story & Performance – Emma Allen

ReMoved | a short film


Lose the home you know
Brutality reason why
Foster home reject

© j.kiley 2018

ReMoved by HESCHLE

Abby White is a brilliant young actor who portrays the young girl struggling with her world being taken away. In the foster system the expectation is for her to adjust to what they tell her to do and to live with strangers who have no awareness of her or who she is.

I felt such compassion with the young girl, that I wanted to be her guardian and  adopt her.

Abby was amazingly real and convincing playing this part. If only those who receive children without a home could understand what they are experiencing in their minds and hearts. Their souls are being torn apart. They have no one and no place that is theirs, where they feel safe.

The environment they come from is often not safe but it is familiar.

Foster homes need to be places that feel like homes. And the foster parents need to be great parents.

If I were in the same situation, I would not trust. I would test and see how the new adults responded.

This is a moving story which breaks your heart but as it progresses different things happen.

Watch in awe how things develop. Some good. Some tense. But the story in this film made me cry. Not always unhappy tears. – j.k

You can alternatively view this film here:

PS. The creators of ReMoved want to give FREE Downloads [CLICK ON LINK HERE OR ABOVE] to anyone who would like to Spread the word on the Foster Care System and to Get Zoe’s Word Out on a Child’s Ordeal in Foster Care. Hear it from out of the mouth of a Child portraying a Child who is very effective in expressing what is going on inside a child in Foster Care. Send a copy or message to your local Children Services about ReMoved.

The Staves Winter Trees | a short film

The Staves Winter Trees — Karni and Saul

An imaginative form of animation. One dimensional cut-outs, well defined and magically brought to life and mystically enjoyable wandering in the woods with creatures moving about to the rhythms and music of a guitar strumming tree. You’re drawn into the creative theatre of it all. It reminds me of my friend.

I Dedicate This To UNCLE TREE. A True Inspiration!!!

Music video for the staves winter trees made at Aardman animation.

Wild Horses | a short film | a haiku challenge

Feel drawn into the Haiku Challenge. Give it a go. If you write . share your Haiku in the comment section. j.k ❣🌈😃


Illness strikes the muse
Her challenge awake in dreams
Creates no limits

© j.kiley 2018

Following its young lead as she battles the frustrations of her illness of M.E. & frustration with her mother, she is becoming more and more obsessed with horses. She begins to write a story which brings her a feeling of joy & excitement. When you’re stuck in yourself . writing is one of the better forms to express yourself to the world. Stewart’s 26-minute film takes a very internal story and makes it relatable and accessible by injecting it with energy and humour.

Wild Horses by Rory Stewart

Rated . . . PG
Genre . . . Fantasy . Comedy . Illness
Length . . . 26m 12s

Emma Curtis
Emma Cater
Ainslie Henderson
Stephanie Compton

Written and Directed by Rory Alexander Stewart
Producer – Rebecca Smith
Cinematographer – Samira Oberberg

Official Selection:
– Cannes Film Festival – Cinefondation
– Encounters Short Film Festival
– Raindance (Nominated Best UK Short)
– British Short Film Festival Berlin (Nominated Best UK Short)
– Glasgow Short Film Festival
– Belgrade Auteur Fest
– Denver International Film Festival
and other…

Writer’s Workshop | a short film & haiku review

Haiku Review of the short film Writer’s Workshop. If you feel challenged join in and write your own Haiku. Leave it in the comment section. Thank you. j.k


Does cruel heal wounds
Sharp-tongued slithering critiques
Hell’s words speak loudest

© j.kiley 2018
Haiku Review

Writer’s Workshop | Ryan Francis Johnson

Rating . . . R (Content)
Genre . . . Comedy . Dark Comedy . Narrative
Length . . . 11m 27s

Aspiring writer, Jeremy, attends an exclusive writer’s workshop session. A dark, absurdist look at the world of peer review.

The Vale of Cashmere | a short film & haiku review


Haiku Review of the short film The Vale of Cashmere. If you feel challenged join in and write your own Haiku. Leave it in the comment section. Thank you. j.k


Breath heightens excitement
Playing games in the woods . waiting
Death touches flesh once

© j.kiley 2018

The Vale of Cashmere | Video Horse

Urban legend has it that Prospect Park’s Vale of Cashmere is a dangerous place. Guy, Chris, and Sophie are taken by its folklore one autumn afternoon.

Rating . . . MATURE . Hard R
Genre . . . Thriller . Urban Legend . Gothic
Length . . . 11m 32s

Director: Michael Patten and Joe Skinner
Writer: Joe Skinner
Starring: Webb Allen, Alexa Lim Haas and John Sheridan