Naked – Blackout Poem

naked by kiley blackout poem from lady chatterley's lover

by kiley
blackout poem

No clothes
Naked in the mirror
Lamp shone full on her
She thought
“What a pathetic body”
Like a boy
Not tall
A bit skinny

Her body was flat
Not warm
Her breasts were unripe
Her body was meaningless
An insignificant substance
Made her feel depressed

She was old
At twenty-seven

© kiley 16

‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’
by D.H. Lawrence

My editorial question for this sensitive subject: “Are we ever satisfied with what our bodies look like; what we can do with them; how they make us feel? More questions would come to mind but I will leave it, even at 27 years of age, we still don’t see our bodies potential. So much potential through our many senses. What our body can make us aware of when we see, feel, talk, meditate, write, paint, dance, sing, laugh; and the list is endless. I know I am one who has never been satisfied with my body even though it has given me so much. Credit should be given for all of our talents, whatever they may be. – kiley

Awaken Me [Blackout Poem]

awaken me - proust swann's way

Blackout Poem
“Awaken Me”

Awaken me to imagined thoughts
They would persist for moments
Awake – it did not disturb my mind
No longer intelligible

The thoughts of a former existence
Would separate me
Leaving part of myself
In a state of darkness

Even my mind appeared
Without a cause
A matter of dark
In perspective

The path fixed forever
In a strange echo
Amid the silence of the night
The light prospect of being

© jk 2015

The Red Rain Waited

the red rain waited - blackout poem

“The Red Rain Waited”
by Jennifer Kiley

A lot of people came in sight
Burst forth grossly with
‘Hi! Hey!’ and laughed

She stood uncomfortable
Weighted down by weakness
Self-conscious dignity
From a fragmented
Frightened will

Once a will to live
Now become a will to die

The three cries of relief
For a moment
Could disregard the spectacle
And grasp it quietly

Nearby some were saying good-by
With Paris in back of them
It seemed sharp and emergent

A vivid scene
Detached itself

The young woman
Plunged a frantic hand
Into her purse

The sound of two revolver shots
Cracked the narrow air

The shots happened
Before the crowd closed in
Others had seen
The shots effects

The red rain waited

© jk 2015