Poet’s Corner | ‘Lost In Waiting’


Lost in waiting
Tripping on two ended words
Looking for comfort
Anywhere it will give

Feeling uneasy
Trembling in word salad
Brain inside it
The constant echo
Of continual searching
For messages

The past
Understanding it
But it won’t let go

Definition make no sense
Skin feels raw
No settling into ease
What is so unstable
The mind is unfocused
Tearing security to hell
Dipping into the acid
Of disbelief in reality
Breathing nonexistent
Trembling replaces it
Nothing soothing
Calling in the troops
Of stability

Will it come
All will settle
In its time
Not anyone else’s

Does one feel the corruption
Does it call out the demons
Or send them away
Looking into the eyes of the devil
Unsettles any calmness into fear
Anxiety and uncertainties

Let go of the pain that haunts
Escape into fantasy
Seek the rewards
Permission granted
Join the fictional characters
Freedom of behavior
No punishment

A feathered cat inside a canary
Like a woman inside a suit
And a man inside a gown
Freedom to feel the real

Real it is
Afraid of the words
What tempest they hold
But surrender to the “who”
The “are” and the “streak”
Learn to be fully “unrestrained”

© j.kiley 2018
Free Verse

It’s All Very Long Ago From Here | a poem

It’s All Very Long Ago From Here

Being disconnected
Feeling in a rage
Conspiracies inspected
It’s bull-shit
In my brain

Knives sliding through it
Flesh warm .wet . gooey
Feel life draining
Into a rotten apple
When the wormy caterpillar said:

“You’re dreaming
Outside your head again”
What could I reply back to him
“I’m out of head trips
They went long ago”

© j.kiley
Free verse

Dream In New Dimensions | a poem

Dream In New Dimensions
by j.kiley

Drifting in a visually invisible expanse
Keep in mind . keep in sane . keep in place
The spirits will wander
Time unmeasured will keep beating
And while alive
Time is on its own

We fear what will follow now
But it is already here . the answer
It’s always been here
Fear won’t let go . to let it in
Magic is the source for freedom to be
Imagination is its protector

Feel the depths of thoughts blend in the feelings
Freedom of dreams awakening . making life real
Beware the ones who deaden life into nothingness
Having a free life real takes courage
Reach for what’s beyond what shuts us down
Make us more while helping others loosen their grip on fear

© j.kiley ’17
Free verse

Exception of Belief | a poem

by j.kiley

Inspired manic sensibilities
Lead to an interpretation
Of the unknowable existence

Rare exceptions
Fall under the category
Of Belief . I believe

It’s whether they do . or not
Does that make it relevant . or relative
Having any discussion of Reality

Questions . wanting answers
Always demanding something
Of what We know . or don’t

© j.kiley
Free Verse & Non-sense

Serious Versions | a poem in free verse

by j.kiley

Someone’s death
Should not have happened
Nothing can change it
Results are conclusive

The remaining souls
Need to find the door
A way leading
To a piece of the Truth

An answer
To a question asked
What makes the pain
Continue inside the blindness

© j.kiley ‘17
Free verse