The Answers


“If you could get answers to every question you’ve ever had about your life, what would you ask?”

The questions asked are from a person’s point of view, though a man is asking them. Some questions could be considered male specific but I just realized a female could ask those exact same questions from their point of view and want their own answers. Women can have some of the same needs as a man and want to have similar answers.



The opening is very ethereal. It drew out my curiosity, like where is this film taking me. I gradually had a good notion of what was happening. If you decide to watch this less than 8-minute short film, be prepared for multiple levels of thought and emotions to occur.

Having a philosophical and psychological nature, I would have asked more delving questions. But just go along for the ride. The storytellers of The Answers have created a unique film. One I have never seen on film in exactly this way. Set back and let you mind open to each and every moment.


Nathan with Page

The actor telling the story, Nathan, is very attractive and has the most delightful smile and is taking his situation rather well, all things considered. He has a twinkle in his eye. I’m into women but a man can be seductively attractive no matter what, we all can appreciate beauty and sensitivity. You will like him, I believe.


The Questioner

The actor who plays Page, is also a pleasant and sensitive person to play opposite Nathan when she is in the story. It is their interaction which pulls at the heart strings. Not wanting to give too much away.


One Answer 3597

One answer to a question
It is one of the more unusual tales you will see on film, but originality is always a factor in deciding something is worth wanting to share. This story is quite original. It surprised me. It pushed all the buttons inside. It made the ride easier to take, fully knowing where it was going, maybe where it was going, more likely. Have I piqued your curiosity? Hope so!



It is a delicate story, which might make you think what you might ask. A quick reminder the film is titled The Answers. It has an ending that will be the ending to knock you over with surprise and may make you pause, then laugh, which it did me. But let the ending bring you your own reaction. Be prepared in this film to fill in your own blanks. It is worth your time.


462 ft Another answer

Another answer to a question
Personally. I feel you should press the button to start the video; but first, open to full screen; make sure the volume is up; then just relax back and take the trip of a lifetime. Be sure to watch out for that ending. It’s curiously philosophical.

Watch from your own place inside, whether you be male or female. Keep that in mind. Take pause in what you are about to see. I recommend The Answers and give it 5 stars out of 5. j.kiley

The Answers – Michael Goode

Rating. . .PG-13: Subject Matter, Brief Sexual Language
Genre. . .Lightly Comedic, Drama, Relationship, Life Questions, The End
Length. . .7m 48s

Daniel Lissing. . .Nathan
Rose McIver. . .Page

Writer & Director. . .Michael Goode
Producers & Story. . .Michael Goode & Daniel Lissing
Music. . .Arturo Cardelús
Cinematography. . .Colin Pregent

Best Live-Action Short…Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2015
Best Comedy Short…Breckenridge Film Festival 2015
Jury Award Best Narrative Short…Woods Hole Film Festival 2015
Best Short Film American Spectrum…Indy Film Fest 2015
National Jury Award…USA Film Festival 2015
Storyteller’s Award…Destiny City Film Festival 2015
Audience Award…Best of International Shorts Festival 2015
Best International Short film…Sanctuary Cove Film Festival 2015

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