Cassius | a short film

Cassius | a short film | poster by j.kiley

Let’s call this an Art video and let us dedicate it to collage artists everywhere. It is of inanimate objects and animate objects being blended into a mix – usually through the use of horizontal split screen. A similarity in the nature of the images but made in a humorous manner. It is done artistically and at times provocatively.

I read a few of the reviews on the Vimeo site and several people were upset by the Christian images. Someone even asked where were the Muslim Symbols. They answered their own observation through their own bias . “It isn’t necessarily safe to mess with anything Muslim.” I do not follow this prejudicial statement nor the prejudices flowing out from within it.

Having a good sense of humor may be essential and maybe a high touch of delinquent humor is needed not to be offended ‘by art that is being art.’

The music is delightful. Pharrell Williams and his teams involvement put together a great merging of sound with the visual. It is the fascination the video awakens using multiply familiar visions from art and culture – blending them into an evolving collage. I found it humorous and a generally amusing change from most decisions when making any films.

I love to see a film maker go to the edge and bring on something original from their perspective. Critics can condemn from their bias. If one wants to go to the position ‘No Art Is New’ – Art is what happens in the mind of the artist – how that transposes in the presentation mode. In ‘Cassius’- it’s a combination of film . music . collage all pulled together into a marvelous work of art.

That is my interpretation. Have a go. Watch the film. Express your own opinion – in your own mind – on what your senses brought to your awareness while watching. There was a sense of enjoyment awakened inside of my being. – j.kiley


Cassius ft. Cat Power Pharrell Williams | Go Up
Posted on Vimeo Tuesday April 11th 2017

Rating . . . PG-13 (Content . Some of a Sexual Nature . Religious Symbols Used)
Genre . . . Art . Humor . Provocative
Length . . . 3m 14s

Directed by Alex Courtès
Produced by DIVISION™ for Ed Banger Records
Post by Home Digital Pictures

Appearing on ‘Expats Post’ on Monday 17th April 2017

You Have The Power

© Kenneth Rougeau 2011


“Emily Dickinson was a kind of female Hamlet with daggers in her mind. She’s murderous & playful, & ultimately unknowable.  And her language shifts from second to second, so that we’re never standing on solid ground. we’d be right inside one of Emily’s electric whirlwinds.” – Jerome Charyn, The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson (passage not from his book)