Critical Cracks

Sur le Fil – Yann Tiersen  Music from the French Language Film “Amelie”

by j.kiley

A familial facial reflection
Unneeded outlandish rejection
Replacing precedent’s expectation
With a necessary deregulation
Turning creator into slave labor
Not given necessary fortification

Craving reliable idolization
Causing dreams of undeniable suffocation
Due to lack of continual unaltered representation
Of adulteration and uplifting sensational glorification
Spirit denied spontaneous cleansing and clarification

Unspecified non-existent qualification
Not mentioned in self-ordination
Just some minor miniature restoration
Portraying similarities to specification
Of a ghostly nightmares petrification

Pitiful the need for constant ramification
Being  receiver of nonexistent gratification
Smoked and mirrored reflections filling imagination
Tired of less than spontaneous regurgitation
Usage of words lacking depth and personification

Ideas are dying thoughts losing representation
Minds laying waste from bubble gum strangulation
Bodies losing life force removal of living sensation
Purposes and focus absent due to brains mortification
Spiritual awakening weakened minus enlightening stimulation

© j.kiley


alice through the looking glass