maggie the cat

“maggie the cat” aka “the universal eclectic”

   “maggie the cat”
the universal eclectic

What to know about “the universal eclectic” – I am a writer. a poet. a screenwriter. a painter. a psychic. a sensitive. a musician. a reader. an observer. a recorder. an author. a film reviewer. self taught. it’s the only way.

My causes of interest are being an animal activist & a strong supporter of progressive causes. I support LGBTQI rights – equality & same-sex marriage. I am an advocate for the prevention of child abuse: sexual, physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.

I want to work toward expressing my views on mental health & mental illness. I want to be educated about diagnoses such as DID/MPD, Bipolar, Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia, Anxiety Disorder and others. Doing research & education is extremely important to me.

I strongly support and advocate the legalization, decriminalization and repeal of the laws that make marijuana illegal on all levels not just for medicinal use.

beautiful marijuana budI am an film maker & photographer developing my abilities to create short films. I ❤ Short Films. It has become a creative obsession.

I am a lover & advocate for animals wild and domesticated.

I do daily journaling.

I believe in the value of dream interpretation toward understanding one’s infinite inner consciousness.

The kind of writing that I engage in are poetry. fiction (novels and short stories). semi-autobiographical books. non-fiction & screenplays.

Awesome Surrealism Art

I am an avid cinephile and anglophile. I love theatre. great television (esp. British). There is not enough time to view all the films that are on my list to watch and more are added constantly.

I love books and reading them. I hesitate to reveal that I discovered the kindle & kindle app. reading on my tablet is more enjoyable. I find myself developing the beginnings of an extensive digital library. but still I ❤ the feel of the hardcover book; not so much the paperback.

I am addicted to my laptop computer & tablet. Connecting on line is always changing, growing & expanding.  I have an insatiable craving for knowledge & enlightenment. I love my family of two humans (myself and my partner) both lesbians and our twenty animals. one being an amazon parrot named Saki. had thirteen cats (Schroeder, Sanji [R.I.P 1999-2015]. Soyer. Spike. Sigmund. Poe. Parker. Carter. Lorca. Scout. Snow. River. Tinker). two chinchillas (Sundance and Sagan).  one degue Squeak). the Squeak Community of Mice 

Stana Katic

Stana Katic

I have a crush on actress Stana Katic. She is just one of my guilty pleasures.

I have a passion for the study of psychotherapy and other forms of psychology. Learning and expanding my mind & soul is very important to me. Through self-analysis. Meditation & Reiki I am finding the roads to this goal.

Writing and music are also very important modes leading me through this life toward higher consciousness.

I must not forget about the body in which all of this would not be possible. It contains the mind. The spirit. The heart. The living flesh of my existence on this plane.

I am working toward keeping my body healthy. It is not easy in this world. It is an ongoing effort but without it I would not exist as I am now. I am here in this place. space & time in the vastness of this universe & the infinite possibility of others.

“the universal eclectic”

All is one. One is all.

OM!!! Namaste!

ps. I hope to be able to express various thoughts about the relevancy of ideas happening around the world from a variety of interests and curiosities. I am happy to join Jennifer Kiley’s blog “the secret keeper.” Hopefully, I will be able to share some of my thoughts and favorite things.

I have taken on a curious form of amusement & learning. I will be expressing events marked in time. past. present & future. to draw attention to something otherwise not seen or registered as making a noise in the proverbial forest.

gossip in the form of spreading the word now referred to as trending. before our time it would take 6 mos or longer to receive any news from anywhere. Some places that still is so.

It shall be an intriguing adventure. Gossip shows what fascinates the animal who has the ability to think & to be aware of themselves & their mortality.

byline – maggie the cat ❤

Lonely Is the Unknown Inside Us With No Voice – Jennifer Kiley

6 thoughts on “maggie the cat

  1. I’ve fallen in love with Maggie the cat. She would be a perfect friend for my cat Justin, who lives with bipolar me. He copies my schedule and is up when I’m up in the middle of the night not being able to sleep. He is a real people cat.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We live with cats & a parrot & a few other creatures. It’s a mutual balancing society. Cats are precious. I love the first two the greatest. Have certain favs but careful to balance. Maggie is my inner voice. She gets to say what she wants. When she wants. Thank you. Hi to Justin.


  2. Wow you have a menagerie of pets, how lucky! Justin is the one and only. I wonder what he thinks about all day. He is constantly watching what I am doing. Maggie is beautiful. When I think of a cat, she is what comes to mind in the way of what I’d want.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love animals esp cats & Saki my parrot. Sitting on my shoulder as I write. We have as many cats now b/c we can’t turn away a stray and the last two turned out to be pregnant, one year apart they came to us and gave us the best babies possible. Solitary sometimes prefer it that way. Justin probably thinks cat things like what kind of mischief one can get into. I love Maggie the cat myself. She is a favorite. You never know what she going to do.


    • Definitely intend to. Have you blog opened at this very moment. Plan on looking around after I finish with a writing project I need to set up and do over the course of the rest of the day. Will take time out between one thing and the other. Want to see what you are up to over there at Book Lovers Reviews. jk 🙂


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