inside talk

Films clapboard director chair


Anything related to film I’ve written on Expats Post.

Expats Post is an online journal.
Contributors are free minded people.
Topics are varied and unique.

I write about FILM.
I contribute poetry and art.
But in this Archive it will be all about FILM.

The articles are according to date.
Earliest at the bottom.
Most Recent at the top.


Behind the Scenes. Oscars. All Things FILM.




Inside Talk: Interview Peter Sellers [RARE]

Inside Talk: Stanley Kubrick – Masterpieces

Inside Talk: And the 2015 Oscar Goes To…

Inside Talk: 2015 Oscars I Want to Win

Inside Talk: New York Film Festival Award Contenders

Inside Talk: Robin WIlliams In Motion

Inside Talk: Philip Seymour Hoffman talking about Life, Death, and Happiness

Inside Talk: A Conversation with Ray Bradbury – Documentary

Inside Talk: P.S. Hoffman – A Tribute

InsideTalk: Best Oscar Prediction Winner for 2014

Inside Talk: Tippi Hedren-The Birds-Marnie-Hitchcock-Activism

Inside Talk: Hitchcock

The Beginning


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