High Beats Death

High Beats Death
by j.kiley

we should be
less afraid of the high
and more concerned
with the ones who die

free the opiates
turning flowers into powder
let the people smoke
it won’t kill them

take away the pills
make them all disappear
those who once died
would then still be here

© j.kiley ‘17
Rhyming Couplets

What is it about getting high that bothers the government or anyone else who has a problem with the idea. we need to turn off the legal-illegalness and drop prison’s threat. no one should be jailed for just wanting to have fun . to enter an altered state of consciousness . as a form of meditation . a great way to watch a film . look at art . just sitting quietly enjoying the state of being high. who decided one day it’s bad to get high. keep in mind I am not talking about alcohol. I am talking strictly about cannabis . in its various forms of intake. powdered opium should be made legal and those who use opiates in pill form would get help from a health care center to switch over to smoking the power or if possible vape opium through the idea of inhaling vapor instead of smoke. The high would be the same . maybe even more intense . but the important point to remember . those who use opium in powder form would never overdose. A person would get high and eventually be so relaxed they would fall asleep. It seems the sanest approach to overturning the deaths of people who use opiates in pill form. They should be removed from the market or so strictly contained no one could find them from a dealer or want to use the pill if they are offered the alternative of a safe way to use opiates in powder form as opium. The high would be safe.

I see no reason this could not be tried as an experiment. Health care officials would need to be part of the transition. Mental Health officials should also be available for counseling. The transition might be difficult for some. But if it is made legal and the pills were removed . being able to use opium in the place of the opiate pills might just be what will put an end to the deaths we continually hear about all too frequently.

Now it will be up to a government over the edge who would never go along with this idea . but maybe state by state we could find a way to use the rules for medical cannabis. If there are conditions where a person needs the opium to stay stable people should be able through a PCP (Primary Care Provider) fill out the same kind of forms for Medical Cannabis . and receive a license for powdered opium. If it keeps people alive . that makes it an emergency if this is the only way. People who need opiates could switch legally over to the use of opium and all would be resolved as long as everyone is given the opportunity to switch over to what won’t kill from the pills that do kill them.

I don’t think this is a crazy idea. As I don’t feel the government has a right to rule what we want to put in our own bodies. Getting High Should Be A Right . Not Something That Should Get You Arrested . Cause Anyone To Serve Time In A Cage . It’s Barbaric . Medieval . And The Government Needs To Stop Controlling The Part Of Our Lives That Should Be Ours To Govern For Ourselves.j.kiley ‘17

Critical Cracks

Sur le Fil – Yann Tiersen  Music from the French Language Film “Amelie”

by j.kiley

A familial facial reflection
Unneeded outlandish rejection
Replacing precedent’s expectation
With a necessary deregulation
Turning creator into slave labor
Not given necessary fortification

Craving reliable idolization
Causing dreams of undeniable suffocation
Due to lack of continual unaltered representation
Of adulteration and uplifting sensational glorification
Spirit denied spontaneous cleansing and clarification

Unspecified non-existent qualification
Not mentioned in self-ordination
Just some minor miniature restoration
Portraying similarities to specification
Of a ghostly nightmares petrification

Pitiful the need for constant ramification
Being  receiver of nonexistent gratification
Smoked and mirrored reflections filling imagination
Tired of less than spontaneous regurgitation
Usage of words lacking depth and personification

Ideas are dying thoughts losing representation
Minds laying waste from bubble gum strangulation
Bodies losing life force removal of living sensation
Purposes and focus absent due to brains mortification
Spiritual awakening weakened minus enlightening stimulation

© j.kiley


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