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The Fifth of November

Remember, remember!
The fifth of November,
The Gunpowder treason and plot;
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot!
Guy Fawkes and his companions
Did the scheme contrive,
To blow the King and Parliament
All up alive.
Threescore barrels, laid below,
To prove old England’s overthrow…

English Folk Verse (c.1870)

V for Vendetta – The Fifth of November

V for Vendetta – Ending

'maggie the cat'

‘maggie the cat’

V for Vendetta is a film about a government who has taken everything away from the people. Their freedom and too often their lives. One hero stands up to the dictatorship and brings it crumbling to the ground one move at a time until the dramatic ending. As Shiva is to the Hindu religion, destruction must proceed maggie-the-cat-paw-print1creation. Governments don’t really want us to have freedom. They take it away so easily. They have the power we need to claim for everyone. – Maggie the Cat | Roars & Purrs | Vive la Révolution

Ugly as Dorian Gray

I would like to know why tax-payers money is being used so the President can go to Mar-a-Lago almost every weekend since the Inauguration & members of his family can go to Aspen or other locations – for business and pleasure – at the people’s expense.

Mar-a-lago (Not a Complete View)

A Partial Inside View of Mar-a-lago

A Partial Inside View of Mar-a-lago

Local businesses & residents have to endure a total disruption to their lives and livelihoods, with incomes suffering and even identities being called into question when they are returning to their private homes. Not to mention the strain put on the cities of New York and Palm Beach. It costs approximately $3 Million per weekend at Mar-a-Lago. Five visits so far equals approximately $15 Million. Add that to the costs to the nation of securing Trump Tower and you’re talking approximately $100 million from the national treasury to allow him and his family to live in the opulent luxury to which they were accustomed. And he’s only been president for 2 months. The total costs of Mira-a-lago & Aspen & other jaunts down the road are inestimable.

A Partial View of Trump’s Penthouse in Trump Tower NYC

A Partial View of Trump’s Penthouse in Trump Tower NYC

Who knows exactly how much the Trump-family bilking of the National Treasury will cost us, the tax payers, to cover all these unnecessary expenses for the continued future of this presidency. The White House is a palatial residence. Camp David is there for Presidents to go to relax. And to meet with other heads of state. He is the President & not meant to live in gold-plated luxury. Living his high life when he turns around and rips up all the programs that help the less fortunate is shameful. If he refuses to use the residence and security provided all previous presidents, then we should, as a Country, send him a bill for all these added expenses. I would also include New York City’s expenses to maintain protection for Trump Towers which the President has not been using. Of course, it would make sense for his wife to move with their son to the White House & be protected.  It’s the polite thing to do – they’re not the only people who call Trump Tower home. And I am sure there are great schools in the Washington D.C. area. Maybe a charter school is available.

Aspen is described as the quintessential American ski town

Luxurious architecture in Aspen during the climes of winter

Since the President obviously wants to destroy the public schools & all other, non-defense departments of the government, it might do his son good to associate with children from more honest, moral backgrounds. They might be able to teach him lessons his father never will. The games Bannon & the President are playing are not as invisible as they might think. Just leave the White House & stop ripping off the people you promised to help if you were elected. Oh, that’s right: in actuality you didn’t win the election. The Electoral College is obsolete & your Presidency is nothing more than a joke. I am waiting for you to leave voluntarily before you are found out and tried for treason. And I would like you to know we know you lie all the time & then spin the lies about your lies, trying to cause a disoriented sense of reality. You are not fooling anyone. Soon the despotic emperor will be seen for what he is: in place of his new clothes, there will be nothing but his small-handed, naked self. Ugly as Dorian Gray’s portrait in the attic.

JFK with JFK Jr & Caroline on pony walking around Camp David.

Camp David was Good enough for John F. Kennedy and his family, why Not-My-President? Is it not opulent enough for you? Maybe you need to take a visit with Nature. It might just clear your mind and enable you to see the world with a keener eye. OMG! I must be losing my mind. Who do I think I am talking to?

Shawn MacKenzie


New Year’s Revolutions 2017


les visages dans la neige par j.kiley

'maggie the cat'

‘Maggie the Cat’ | Roars & Purrs

New Year’s revolutions are my personal commitment to improve my life through effecting the alteration of my future goals, projects, habits, to anticipating the New Year and my growth with new beginnings. It’s my own revolutions as exhibited through my potential resolutions, it’s just I will attempt to do them with vigor.

Most commit themselves each year to New Year resolutions. A plan generally to last the whole year. These lifestyle changes are generally interpreted as advantageous but we all tend toward the impossible to achieve, setting us all up for a form of failure, not our intention. Never take attempts as failure, if success is not the result. Keep in mind the actual trying is the success. If the success succeeds at more than 20%, that’s amazing and is deserving of inner and outer praise. For all who meet the goals, (some – all – or many), applaud the accomplishments.


licornes blanches par j.kiley

If New Year’s Resolutions aren’t a thing, than live life with wishes and limited restrictions. Hallelujah! Let Us All Be Free! It’s most important. Brave on into the Unknown and Hope for the Best of the GOOD (providing that is the preference).

My intention for the New Year 2017 is to work on writing in any of my choices of form, creating art, transforming my psyche, hoping for the improvement of my health (if possible),  and experimenting with a variety of changes in postings. I hope these will be enjoyable, thought provoking, entertaining, enlightening, fun, and always an element of serious & abstract thought and design, appearing fairly often.

Ideas I wish to explore, when possible, will include mental health issues, more specifically bipolar, children’s issues, pertinent issues in the news, film reviews and trailers, music videos, humor, or whatever is serendipitous. We’ll see.

Look for more experimentation in the New Year. maggie-the-cat-paw-print1Hoping it will be an experience for those who visit ‘the secret keeper’… feeling something, having a reaction (whatever it might be). – j.kiley 💖 ⏳ 💫


I Will Remember You – Amy Grant

Elaine Stritch performs Sondheim’s “I’m Still Here” (for Obama Family @ WH)

Elaine Stritch is no longer with us and the Family Obama will be exiting the White House and MAY THE POWERS THAT BE HELP US & I don’t mean the IDIOTS about to take over the Executive Branch of the White House. May We All Survive???

Patti Smith – People Have The Power

TOWANDA! 💨💫💥 ☮ 🕉 ☯🖖🤘✌

Nor Hell A Fury

Nor Hell A Fury
Blackout Poem
Created by j.kiley
Inspired by BBC Series
“Doctor Foster”


The Mourning Bride
Act III Scene I


Is it my love? ask again
That Question, speak again that soft Voice,
And love again with Wishes in thy Eyes.
O no! thou can’st not. . .

Can’st thou forgive me then? wilt thou believe
So kindly of my Fault, to call it Madness?
O, give that Madness yet a milder Name,
And call it Passion; then, be still more kind,
And call that Passion Love.

Hell! Hell!
Yet I’ll be calm. . .
But now that Dawn begins, and the slow Hand
Of Fate is stretch’d to draw the Veil, and leave
Thee bare. . .

Heav’n has no Rage, like Love and Hatred turn’d,
Nor Hell a Fury, like a Woman scorn’d.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Passages from “The Mourning Bride”
A Tragedy [Premiered 319 years ago in 1697]
Playwright William Congreve

J.W.Waterhouse, Medea / Gemaelde, 1906-07 - J.W.Waterhouse / Medea / Painting -

Medea – John William Waterhouse – Nor Hell A Fury

'maggie the cat'

‘maggie the cat’

In the ancient Greek tragedy by Euripides, Medea was the sorceress who assisted Jason in obtaining the Golden Fleece and later became his wife. Jason betrayed Medea by divorcing her and marrying another. In Medea’s transformation, she progresses from suicidal despair to sadistic fury. Her revenge on Jason’s betrayals start with a series of murders, culminating in the murder of their two young children. When Jason comes to her, she has their two children brought forth. Jason is horrified when he sees that his two children are indeed dead. The pleasure Medea experiences while watching Jason’s suffering outweighed her feelings of remorse for what she had done. As Jason mourns, Medea escapes through the help of The King of Athens, Aegeus. Medea created a brew for the King’s infertility in exchange for sanctuary in Athens. Medea’s plight, under the circumstances of the day, a certain sympathy can be felt. After everything she did to make Jason succeed. His actions, in turn, are to abandon her to climb the ladder of success by marrying the daughter of the King of Corinth.

maggie-the-cat-paw-print1Jealousy contains such depth of rage, at times, but it does not forgive such acts of depravity. Knowing the whole story does give one understanding, and makes Medea a sympathic character of mythology. Maggie the Cat | Roars & Purrs

Just Feel the Song

Roars & Purrs by Maggie the Cat


Maggie the Cat

It felt like the perfect song when I started listening to this, reaching inside of my heart and I could feel the presence of someone I recently lost. Neither of us did anything to feel sorry about except, she never said goodbye. She wasn’t a lover. More a friend. More of a friend who heard what I had to say, and helped me to understand as I was able to help her, too.

I left the lyrics off the page because you need to just watch Adele & feel the music. Let it get inside, rather than reading lyrics that need to be heard & felt, not read. These lyrics tend toward the passionate. Adele is a creative songwriter with an astonishing singing voice. Magnificent and passionate. I appreciate & love who she is. Hope you love this video. I sure do. – MtC

Adele – Hello

The Gift

Roars & Purrs

'maggie the cat'

‘maggie the cat’

‘The Gift’ takes place in Russia. It is CGI, but real human actors, Sci-Fi short film with a extremely intense chase sequence. The filmmaker have us more than 20 full CGI shots for ‘The Gift’. I thought it was animated, yet it was so perfectly real. It is real, though after watching, I felt otherwise. It does give one a sense of the talent of the filmmaker. The vehicles and some character designs were precisely detailed. It is filled with such an unusual atmosphere  filled with sense of ominous peril. It is definitely not the regular Sci-fi short film one is used to. There is the question of ‘the unicorn’. What does it mean? When you watch you will get some understanding but don’t expect explanations. Why did the courier behave so strangely? What was he thinking acting so outrageously? Why did the A.I. behave the way it did?

It is a technological world, obviously, with A.I.’s all about. The three laws of robotics are”,1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. 2. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except when such orders would conflict with the first law. 3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the first or second law.” These Asimov Laws of Robotics guarantee the A.I.s won’t turn against any human and they are in place to make human beings less fearful of A.I.s. In this tale, there is a magic puzzle box. What it contains makes one very curious. Causing a sense of wonderment if it is what is really being seen by the old man, the receiver of ‘The Gift’. Chaos ensues. A chase begins. An A.I. vs old fashion police cars with insane drivers. They are pursuing the A.I. riding the fastest, coolest motorcycle open to fill throttle. What happens next is touching, sentimental, and utterly strange. What the A.I. does on the bridge seems unusual. It appears to be showing signs of feelings. Reasons unknown. Raising more questions.

In the final scene, we are shown a young Russia boy looking down upon a frozen river. What he does see causes him to ponder with complete seriousness written on his face. – Cut. Exit stage left.

‘The Gift’ is a conundrum, a puzzle, an enigma. There is no certainty of finding answers, but it does create questions. Worth the short time watching if only for the maggie-the-cat-paw-print1elegance of the short film’s creation. Astonishing CGI.’The Gift’ will confound you, but it is worth the ride. As Bill Hicks said: “It’s Just a Ride”… – Maggie The Cat

The Gift

Length . . . 4m 39s
Rated . . . PG 13: Violence, Police Chase, A.I. Intelligent Life, Crashes
Genre . . . Sci-Fi, Technological, Fantasy
Made 2011 . . Russia
“Parallel Lines” . . . Phillips Cinema Company

Director . . . Carl E. Rinsch