Standing In Solidarity Against An Insane Foe

Être en solidarité contre un ennemi fou. Il perturbe la liberté en volant de façon inattendue l’innocence. Enlever l’avenir de la vie des gens. Réduire le sentiment de sécurité à ses racines. A quoi bon perpétuer une telle vilie? Laisse la terre en paix. Trouvez votre propre monde. pas ici . N’importe où, mais ici.

Standing in solidarity against an insane foe. It disturbs freedom by unexpectedly stealing innocence. Taking away the future from people’s lives. Cutting off a sense of safety at its roots. What right has anyone to perpetuate such vileness? Leave Earth in Peace. Find your own world . not here . any place else but here.
– j.kiley ’17

The Empty Chair

Oscar Nominee for Best Song 2017 from the Documentary ‘Jim: The James Foley Story’

James Foley was a journalist who reported “conflict news” . meaning he went to Libya but came home . meaning he went to Syria . he did not return . instead ISIS kidnapped him with other journalists who did come home.

He was so full of life. I have watched the documentary and was awe inspired by his genuine concern and sincerity toward the people with whom he befriended and told their story. He went where the bombs were dropping and the bullets went whizzing by. What compelled him to return to the Middle East after being in Libya when Qaddafi was being overthrown and eventually assassinated by a brutal crowd.

Why he went back . his family search for answers. He wasn’t happy just taking life easy.

Listen to the song ‘The Empty Chair’ (I felt it should have won the Oscar for Best Song but instead an unbearable song to listen to from La La Land received the honors.) It speaks for Jim who will never come home. So moving and so is his whole story. Just reading the lyrics out loud to ‘The Empty Chair’ makes me cry. The same happens hearing Sting singing the song.

– j.kiley

The Empty Chair – Sting (by J. Ralph & Sting


If I should close my eyes, that my soul can see
And there’s a place at the table that you saved for me
So many thousand miles over land and sea
I hope to dare, that you hear my prayer
And somehow I’ll be there
It’s but a concrete floor where my head will lay
And though the walls of this prison are as cold as clay
But there’s a shaft of light where I count my days
So don’t despair of the empty chair
And somehow I’ll be there
Some days I’m strong, some days I’m weak
And days I’m so broken I can barely speak
There’s a place in my head where my thoughts still roam
Where somehow I’ve come home
And when the Winter comes and the trees lie bare
And you just stare out the window in the darkness there
Well I was always late for every meal you’ll swear
But keep my place and the empty chair
And somehow I’ll be there
And somehow I’ll be there

Songwriters: Gordon Sumner / Joshua Ralph
The Empty Chair lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

America Is My Home

America Is My Home
Day #8 of the Trump Administration

The video speaks out our voices of unity solidarity inclusivity diversity acceptance | all protesting while those in the White House attempt to strip away our freedoms. – j.kiley

January 28th | JFK International Airport, Queens, NY
Day #8 day of the Trump Administration
An Intimate Portrait of Muslim-American Families of Detainees, Congresspeople, ACLU Lawyers, and the Unprecedented Protest at JFK Airport.

A newsreel by Meerkat Media Collective.
For more information:
New York Immigration Coalition –
The Arab American Association of New York –
Make the Road New York –
View on YouTube:

Amendment 10/60


“In a post nuclear era where owning books is a felony and the intellectual community is persecuted, a group of scientists is trying in vain to find a way to save the world. A Professor’s assistant will be called upon to make the most difficult decision of his life.

The story takes place in a world a little different from our own; an alternative reality. In this parallel universe history took a different course.” – by Anonymous

This film will give you the chills. It may be subtitled in English but you feel everything in the voice of the power of the world a young scientist is living in with his wife. His chance for them to escape is to figure out a physics formula. What the result of it’s solution, you can discover from seeing the actions of the citizens of the world in this parallel universe. It is chillingly similar to 1984 and Fahrenheit 471.


Committee trying to resolve world’s problems

Since the choices were not electorally voted on in a manner fitting our Constitution-the election in the USA was wrongly interpreted. Now the world may be facing a fate similar to the one found in Amendment 10/60. A frightening world to look inside – seeing the doom of the fate of free thinkers, intellectuals, readers, artists, poets, scientists. It is where some people would like to see as the direction we find ourselves living in our near future. Not me. I like the freedom to express my thoughts. To write my stories. Telling the truth contained between the lives and loves of the characters. Or in the subtle abstractions contain in the subtleties of my poetry. Expression of ideas is essential for a civilization to function and thrive. Our world is a mess and needs healing and coming together to develop a unified and peaceful union. All of us together aiming for a peaceful resolution and freedom and support for all the world’s citizens.

I am a progressive and want to see the world become a place where everyone is accepted for who they are, not judged for it. Having books to allow our minds to think. I want freedom without violence. It is an unnecessary part of life, violence. But it is in the genes of some part of those born in this world. Why anyone would choose to live out their violent tendencies is beyond my sensibilities. To gain pleasure from causing pain and killing other humans or creatures who want to live. It should be a right to live in peace without the threat of injury or death hiding in plain sight but not seen or expected. Who would expect while out enjoying our friends at a local cafe we would be bombarded with bullets and bombs exploding? No one, but it is happening more frequently. We live our lives trying not to expect the unexpected, otherwise we would all go mad. But the villains are out there in wait & in our government. Never do we expect we will be a target or our friends will be killed by not so friendly fire. We must take out the reasons for such brutality. End the war based on an elusive religious ideology. Does it really exist in reality or does it originate in someone’s nightmare and they are spreading their poison, spilling out into the world through the cyber media, recruiting lost children who seek something to be part of. But why choose violence and slavery to death?


Vibration happens after young scientist enters formula

Let us return to this film.  Watch it to aid in helping to convince anyone, discipline is not the answer. One will not find freedom in restrictions. Laws too strict are the breeding grows for violence to grow. See history. Look at drug laws and prohibition. Restricting people from having thoughts, whatever they might be, is what causes violence to grow. Disagreement is natural. It is what we do with our differences. We need to listen and hear in order to understand our differences and to accept each individual as a separate entity. Allow them to grow. Help each other to understand we do not have to be enemies. But first we need to stop and think what we say out loud. It means finding an inner sensitivity. We do not need leaders who are filled with bluster who work up the masses into a frenzy and blind them to the sensitivities that everyone deserves respect and acceptance. Difference should be seen as an addition to society not as an invasion of our culture and society. Combining our differences will make us all grow. We don’t want Walls destroying our freedoms and union.

This films shows those with the mob mentality going after the young scientist. They want to stop him from changing the prison, absent of free thought, from which somehow they feel comfortable being part of. Like those who allow places like Nazi Germany to flourish. If you lived in a regime of utter control, a reasonable person would think one would want to see it change.

Watch this film to see what happens to the scientist and his wife. The only two people you will be routing for in “Amendment 10/60.” The ending is very curious. You, the viewer must decide what occurred with the scientist in the laboratory. It is a moment where imagination comes in. Amendment 10/60 is a film all the world needs to see in order to develop insight into what is happening all around us. The danger is spreading and some people are being drawn into the cults of madness, some disguised as pretending to be a leader of the free world. Who do we want to guide us? I surely do not want someone who acts and sounds like a boisterous, outspoken leader of the new Nazi party. Restrictive and totally lacking in understanding or even the ability to get beyond his own mirror image. Not being able to tolerate dissension and especially not being able to deal with criticism or lack of being loved by all the masses. Honesty is not within him to grasp.

Think for yourself, but be sure you are well informed before making a decision to help in changing the whole world away from the destruction the now present person living in the White House is leading us towards and maybe actually stopping him. Hoping Congress will stand for the people & not just to protect their jobs in future elections. But for the right reasons-listening to the voices of the people-the one’s who cast their vote and won with the popular vote. And for the women and men who joined them for the Women’s March on Washington DC and across the States and the World. Let us absorb it all and take a stand. Now it’s time to watch the film. – jk


Amendment 10/60 – Akis Polizos

Genres . . . Short | History | Mystery | Sci-F
Rating . . . PG
Length . . . 22m 15s
Country . . . Greece
Language . . . Greek [English Subtitles]
Release Date . . . 7 September 2013 (USA)
Director/Writer . . . Akis Polizos
Cinematography . . . Yannis Drakoularakos G.S.C

Orfeas Avgoustidis . . . Professor’s Assistant
Yiorgos Gallos . . . Officer
Alexandros Logothetis . . . Professor
Vicky Papadopoulou . . . Wife
Manos Vakousis . . . Sebastian Vitman

Official Facebook:

Election Anxiety | What’s Ahead

‘How Understanding Depression Helped Me Through Election Anxiety’ | Review by kiley
Article on Bipolar Advantage Blog

scary face behind the curtain - by kiley 17

scary face behind the curtain – by kiley 17

The title intrigued me. No fear – the article is simply written and some is about understanding the Bipolar-IN-Order state of being. Working on mood changes in a beneficial way. No one is perfect so it is a continual process to work toward my goals. Increasing my self awareness is essential. As I state No one is perfect but I am identifying when something is at too high an intensity level. I make a valiant effort to lower the intensity. Sometimes by my partner just saying Stop [I do hear Stop in my own head – not as perfect a method though]. Not pretending its easy is important to remember. Patience and letting go into a Zen state – calm state is extremely important to achieve.

The part of the article that pertains to a great many of us who feel Election Anxiety [a major issue at present] and the imaginings of this writer [me]- how I have reached many fantasy levels in my dealings with Election Anxiety.. It is a regular discussion in our home – election results – that is. My partner and I banter our thoughts as though in a tennis match. She feels the same about what we are saying regarding the Election Results but we express it in our own way. I imagine most of us think of ways beyond legalities of how to solve a problem like . . . (I even Hate saying his name – it gives me the creeps). When the thoughts of our upcoming future create overwhelming FEAR and ANXIETY – I start using Magic Thinking [it makes me feel better momentarily – but then I keep having to come up with more reasons the Inauguration will never happen]. Does it raise the level of Intensity in a manic state or draw one into a depression or sometimes into the in-between state. Either way there are methods in sorting out and letting go of the pressure.

This post on Bipolar Advantage regarding Election Anxiety is more than just for those who are Bipolar. The message reaches across all who are concerned with the insanity surrounding us in the political arena; and how do we go about living our lives unaware of why we feel such FEAR – F.E.A.R. = (False Evidence Appearing Real).

Spend a few moments and read this article. It may help you find some answers or at least temporary solutions needing repeating.

For Complete Article Click on LINK – it will take you there.

– kiley

Posting Simultaneously on Off The Rails – Track 451

Tobacco Burn – Short Film


1 tobacco burn poster

“Based on an oral history from the W.P.A. Writers, Tobacco Burn is set thirty-five years before the Civil War at the height of American slavery. The community of a tobacco farm struggles with the arrival of a brutal overseer.

2 tobacco burn - stephen tyrone williams

Decades before the Civil War, the actions of a brutal overseer spark the fire of revolution on a tobacco farm. When two of the enslaved weigh the complexities of killing their overseer, each develop a different understanding towards violence, acting on which could cost all of them their lives.”

3 tobacco burn silouettes in field CROP out bottom of poster

Seeing portrayals of white people and their utter disregard for respect for another human being. If they are black, they have not rights to dignity, nor for their own destiny. They must submit to the wishes and whims of the master. In this story, he seems to half try to be a gentleman. His overseer is leagues away from that description. He is a pig and takes what he feels deserving. Not something I feel is at all acceptable. He is the one who should be held accountable for his behavior. Bear that in mind as you watch each story develop.

4 tobacco burn 2nd poster shows tobacco

I have watched Tobacco Burn so many times a short while back and started writing my film review but I wasn’t ready to finish it. Too much to think about. My mind needed time to sort out just what to say to encourage everyone to see Tobacco Burn. It is a film of the times and a reminder of just how evil people can reach in their souls and not even allow for a glimpse to see how corrupt, sadistic, cruel and lazy they all were who were slave owners and those who benefited from the presence of slaves in the white culture. It became a way of life in the South, people being considered adornments of their property and prosperity. They were the white plantation owners’ property without any rights, not one.

5 tobacco burn black profile see the sunset through it

In Tobacco Burn, there are disturbing moments throughout. Some viewers may need to look away. I preferred to cheer and wonder if Hell exists for those special sadists who just didn’t care or give a thought to their contemptable and slimy behavior.

6 tobacco burn slaves standing at dusk or dawn in front of dead fire

I don’t want to give too much away. It is an important short film which feels like a huge film. It is history in an extremely ugly moment for the white man. There are so many in which to choose.

7 tobacco burn slaves in their living quarters

If this appeals to you, to see a certain justice, you should also try to see the new series Underground. Google for the online location where it can be viewed. I have seen the first two episodes. Never has something like Underground ever been done before now. It is brilliant to see slaves rebel against master, and try to accomplish what seems like an impossible feat to go from slave to Freedom. It is a deadly pursuit.

8 tobacco burn one of the female slaves

I know the story I was told of how white people treated black people in the time of slavery. Some things may have changed but I see too much violence against black people and other people of color. For black people, it feels like they are constantly being tested by authorities to prove they are legitimately free or are they still trying to escape and it’s the polices’ duty to bring them to justice with a bullet or a strangle hold or tear gas. When I heard about Trayvon Martin, I felt more than just angry. His murder opened up a window where the world could look in. I think those who are watching are growing. We have to stop the violence. Slavery ended. Stop trying to bring it back by incarcerating as many black people as the police want to and the system canhold.

9 tobacco burn slave portrait

Watch this film and watch Underground. Eyes will be opened to see strength burst forward. One can only bear their own brutality for so long. Peaceful Non-Violent Protest helps spread the word of good for the ones showing non-violence. Why does it seem Non-violence is too often met with mostly White men turning the hoses back on; metaphorically speaking.

10 tobacco burn slaves in yard waiting

Too many sadists exist in the world. Not being one, is a way to diminish the crowd. Watch out for those Neo-Nazi White Supremacists. They have the notion they’re in control, when in actuality, the world is becoming the color of the Rainbow and beyond. That’s the world I want to live in.

11 tabacco burn female slaves in the field

Terrorists, go find an island somewhere and practice your violence on each other and leave the rest of us alone to live in peace.

And for those who think people should be segregated and you go so far as to want to build a wall to keep us out. Why don’t you build the wall around yourself instead, then none of us undesirables will ever be able to touch you again and you won’t have to see us either and we don’t have to look at you or listen to you ever again. We have dibs on the world. Where would you like to live?

Brilliant film. Super High Recommendation.  The ending is surprising, yet it is not. – j.kiley

12 tobacco burn the drying shed for tobacco



Tobacco Road – Short Film

Genre: Drama
Runtime: 17m 28s

Location: Connecticut
Award: Grand Jury Prize
Best Cinematography…Zachary Halberd
Best Director…Justin Liberman

DIRECTOR…Justin Liberman
Stephen Tyrone Williams
Daralyn Jay
Law Crimlis
Timothy Roselle
Julien Rozzell Jr

13 tobacco burn white man standing drunk in front hot fire

First appeared on Expats Post 21st March 2016. Seems so relevant to the world we are living in now. Maybe the way it has always been. Edited information on the Series Underground.

Holy Shit! (You’ve Got To VOTE!)

“Remember, Remember the 8th of November”
Post by Shawn MacKenzie

(I was unable to re-blog – using the link for this post instead)

Poster Created by Shawn MacKenzie

Poster Created by Shawn MacKenzie

The most brilliant post I’ve read to give one Reason to VOTE! A VERY IMPORTANT ELECTION – A MATTER of IMPORTANCE to the US & THE WORLD!!!

There really is only one choice HILLARY CLINTON. But one must make their own choice. Just think carefully before you cast your vote.

Please read “Remember Remember the 8th of November”

Holy Shit! (You’ve Got To Vote!) – EXTREMELY FUNNY!!!

If going to the link for “Remember, Remember the 8th of November” doesn’t light the fire to get you out to vote, then listen to this video. It may make you feel differently. It is the VOTE to make a Change for Progress for the US & the World.

Be Prepared to Laugh Your A$$ Off! It’s BRILLIANT!!! 😎

I needed to add the following video.
Listen to ALL of the Actors who Speak Out!

WARNING: DON’T VOTE (Jennifer Aniston, Leonardo Dicaprio, Halle Berry, Sarah Silverman, …)

'maggie the cat'

‘maggie the cat’

Maggie the Cat | Roars & Purrs