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Infinity Dreams Award

Infinity Dreams Award

Sunshine Blog Award

Readers Appreciation Award

Most Inspiring Blogger Award

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Beautiful Blogger Award


Mental Health Writer’s Guild Member 2012 2013 2014 2015


Beautiful Blogger Award


wonderful-readership-award 10.23.12

inner peace an award 197x199

8 thoughts on “blogger awards

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by and checking out my post, but there must have been some sort of confusion because I didn’t list The Secret Keeper on my nomination list. Perhaps you confused me with another blogger who left you an award. But thought I would stop by and hopefully clear things up.

    “Thank you for the Award “Sometimes Addiction Is A Good Thing.” It does fit well with my overall need to produce some form of writing almost all waking hours of a day and for me that sometimes can be for 24 hrs or more in one wake cycle. SO once again thank you. I am delighted. the secret keeper Jennifer J.K.”


    • Thank you for writing to me. Total misunderstanding, Hard drive crashed and burned so I am using an unfamilar email program. The sender was Canadian Hiking but it was sent to me. The post made logical sense and it was in the wee hrs of the AM that I found it. I am an addictive blogger and do follow Canadian Hiking. And all that wass written in the post fit so I went to the link and copied and pasted the post but never looked very closely at what it said, Cool award. Thank you for making me aware of my error. At leasr, I found a great blog to follow out of it. J.K. The Secret Keeper


    • I feel blown away. Working on my blog is my sanity & structure. It focuses my mind & feeling outward where I try to reach anyone that is attracted to what I try to create as artistic or fun silly adventure, a mind ex-pander, a place to see things you may never find but I was able to. I feel you have always been encouraging to me & thank you for your presence. I keep you in my thoughts. Thanks Kevin, this is great & so are you. Rest is important. I’ve been trying to do the same. Thumbs up. ❤ Jennifer 🙄 jkm/tsk


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