julie andrews and james garner in “the Americanization of emily”

i have a passion for “all things cinema,” films are in my blood. they are an obsession, from the early silent film to the indie film of today. it makes me feel ecstatic to experience cinematic genius. the idea to create this page came to me after unsuccessfully trying to add movie trailers and related videos to a reblogged post. just posting links did not seem enough. i decided that i wanted to create a page where i would be able to display movie trailers of films that i either enjoy or look forward to viewing. on this page i will create a forum for “all things cinema.” movie trailers are just going to be part of the experience. i will also include discussions of films, interviews, written reviews or whatever comes into my mind. profitez de l’expérience. C’est toujours excitant de découvrir quelque chose de nouveau. (translation: enjoy the experience. it is always exciting to discover something new.)

A Dangerous Method Official Trailer

Inglorious Basterds Official Trailer

Prometheus Full Trailer

The Sound of Music – (Fight Scene) [1965] [38th Oscar Best Picture]

The Great Dictator Speech – Charlie Chaplin

Les Miserables (2012) Official Trailer [HD]

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Trailer Official [HD]

Finding Forester Movie Trailer

Hereafter Movie Trailer

Goodwill Hunting Movie Trailer (1997)

[Great Movie Scenes] Good Will Hunting – Park Scene

Best Scene in Good Will Hunting – Harvard Bar

Ten Top Death Scenes (WARNING: L, V)

Top 10 Saddest Death Scenes

Most Beautiful Death scenes

Bandits Trailer

this is a funny film. enjoyable and quirky. something to watch often.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Trailer

Memento Trailer

The Americanization of Emily (1964) Original Trailer

The Americanization of Emily (1964) a proposal

Victor/Victoria Trailer

The Philadephia Story (1939) [HD] Trailer

Mirrormask (2005)

Django Unchained Trailer [HD] (2012) A Quentin Tarantino Film

5 thoughts on “cinema

    • yes, i am a sentimental romantic. i love the ending in “an affair to remember” with cary grant & debrah kerr. if you want a real tear jerker that is he movie for you and then watch the chaser “sleepless in seattle.” such a marvelous combination. jen


  1. It is completely remarkable that you pulled all these fabulous scenes together, each one important to the message of the film and memorable to the viewers, This is a feat, Jennifer, a glorious feat and a feast! Thank you for sharing this with your readers. “Goodwill Hunting” remains one of my favorites too, as well as so many others here. 🙂


    • You are remarkable. The encouragement you give me. I love this page. When I have a stretch of time, I will go out treasure hunting. See what I am able to find. The two, I see, that were pulled for whatever reason, it was too bad, but I have found other videos to replace them with the same quality. These new ones are, also, great videos. Inglorious Basterds, though in a language other than English, is a brilliant film. The lead Nazi has gone one to become a favorite of avid film fans. He is Django Unchained, another film, excellent, violent, but not unnecessary. Also, the Charlie Chaplin film should be the call to all revolutionaries. In fact today, November 5th is Guy Fawkes Day. V for Vendetta. There are so many. 😀


  2. I adore Chaplin. I had a collection of Chaplin memorabilia that I gave to a friend when I moved to Florida. He was drama; he was comedy; he was complex, and way ahead of his time. I am putting many of these films on my must-watch or watch-again list. This is simply a feast, Jennifer and you have excellent taste in films, as well as music and poetry. A Renaissance woman!


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