SuperHuman(ity): Optimizing Human Potential | Vivienne Ming | short film

Vivienne Ming – SuperHuman(ity): Optimizing Human Potential

Inspired by a remarkable personal transition, Vivienne Ming, CEO of Socos and self-proclaimed mad scientist, has set out to make people better versions of themselves. Whether she’s creating wearable technology to help autistic children learn empathy, or designing cutting-edge neuroprosthetics, her goal is the same—to augment human potential. While she believes technology can help us be our best selves, she also cautions of a future where some people are augmented and others are not. It’s imperative that we start these conversations now, so that all humans have the same opportunities to live out their full potential.

Length . . . 4m 12s

4 thoughts on “SuperHuman(ity): Optimizing Human Potential | Vivienne Ming | short film

  1. Thank you for this. I really enjoyed it. It lead me to find out more about Vivienne Ming, and I found this video about her efforts to improve the life of her son, who was diagnosed with diabetes. I am all to familiar with her remarks about concern for a diabetic child’s health in the middle of the night.

    I also found this interview/profile of her at Oprah’s website: I understand her experience in the parental acceptance of transition, as it is something I have witnessed. It’s comforting to know that she achieved that acceptance. In fact, her story is referred to as a “fairy tale,” which is accurate, since not all are able to reach the overall acceptance that she has.


    • … I read through the article at Oprah site. Her mind carries around hints of my mind when in full motion. I am a lesbian/not trans but in total comradery with the LGBTQI & know it is magical if you can live a “fairy tale” existence. I was so depressed more so until I figured out I was a lesbian. The word would be ‘exhilarated’ – life finally made more sense. Our children are furry animals & an Amazon Parrot. One cat ‘Sigmund’ has diabetes with high #s. It may not seem the same but we have varying health conditions for several of our cats. One who suddenly has trouble breathing. It’s scary but they ‘Spike’ takes his meds & if the weather cools down it makes a difference sometimes. But it scare the Hell out of me when I seem to be the one to find him during the day. Vivienne is a genius and deserves the respect & to be listened to. I am so happy she found her life.

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      • Pets are like children. There’s no denying that. “Emotional attachment” may seem like a lame way to describe it, but we do invest a huge part of ourselves in our “pets.”
        Yes, Vivienne does deserve that respect. Unfortunately, others are dismissed because they’re not successful or are considered insignificant, and that’s just not fair.


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