ReMoved | a short film


Lose the home you know
Brutality reason why
Foster home reject

© j.kiley 2018

ReMoved by HESCHLE

Abby White is a brilliant young actor who portrays the young girl struggling with her world being taken away. In the foster system the expectation is for her to adjust to what they tell her to do and to live with strangers who have no awareness of her or who she is.

I felt such compassion with the young girl, that I wanted to be her guardian and  adopt her.

Abby was amazingly real and convincing playing this part. If only those who receive children without a home could understand what they are experiencing in their minds and hearts. Their souls are being torn apart. They have no one and no place that is theirs, where they feel safe.

The environment they come from is often not safe but it is familiar.

Foster homes need to be places that feel like homes. And the foster parents need to be great parents.

If I were in the same situation, I would not trust. I would test and see how the new adults responded.

This is a moving story which breaks your heart but as it progresses different things happen.

Watch in awe how things develop. Some good. Some tense. But the story in this film made me cry. Not always unhappy tears. – j.k

You can alternatively view this film here:

PS. The creators of ReMoved want to give FREE Downloads [CLICK ON LINK HERE OR ABOVE] to anyone who would like to Spread the word on the Foster Care System and to Get Zoe’s Word Out on a Child’s Ordeal in Foster Care. Hear it from out of the mouth of a Child portraying a Child who is very effective in expressing what is going on inside a child in Foster Care. Send a copy or message to your local Children Services about ReMoved.

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