Picnic at Hanging Rock | Series | Trailer

Picnic at Hanging Rock Trailer (Amazon Series) Natalie Dormer

Rating . . . TV-14
Genre . . . Drama . Mystery . Romance . Haunting
Length (Ep.) . . . 1h
6 episodes on Amazon [Entire Season One is available on Amazon Prime]

There once was a film . very haunting . and not a remake of the movie Peter Weir directed . it is taken from the book. Three schoolgirls and their governesses mysteriously disappear on Valentines Day in 1900.

I’ve watched the 1st episode & it is everything you hoped to scare you . tease you . and keep you wondering what the hell is going to happen next. As for the Head Mistress . she is a treat & makes you thankful she is not yours. Watch with someone to make you feel safer & more secure. Excellent. Highly recommend. – j.k