Wild Horses | a short film | a haiku challenge

Feel drawn into the Haiku Challenge. Give it a go. If you write . share your Haiku in the comment section. j.k ❣🌈😃


Illness strikes the muse
Her challenge awake in dreams
Creates no limits

© j.kiley 2018

Following its young lead as she battles the frustrations of her illness of M.E. & frustration with her mother, she is becoming more and more obsessed with horses. She begins to write a story which brings her a feeling of joy & excitement. When you’re stuck in yourself . writing is one of the better forms to express yourself to the world. Stewart’s 26-minute film takes a very internal story and makes it relatable and accessible by injecting it with energy and humour.

Wild Horses by Rory Stewart

Rated . . . PG
Genre . . . Fantasy . Comedy . Illness
Length . . . 26m 12s

Emma Curtis
Emma Cater
Ainslie Henderson
Stephanie Compton

Written and Directed by Rory Alexander Stewart
Producer – Rebecca Smith
Cinematographer – Samira Oberberg

Official Selection:
– Cannes Film Festival – Cinefondation
– Encounters Short Film Festival
– Raindance (Nominated Best UK Short)
– British Short Film Festival Berlin (Nominated Best UK Short)
– Glasgow Short Film Festival
– Belgrade Auteur Fest
– Denver International Film Festival
and other…

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