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Free All Those Incarcerated For Marijuana Arrests Of Which The MAJORITY Are Black Hispanic And People Of Color. With Few Exceptions White People Have Had The Privilege Of  Using Cannabis Without Legal Consequences. Stop Treating Everyone Who Uses Marijuana/Cannabis As CRIMINALS. We Are Not Now And Never Were! j.k

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David Lynch In Four Movements | a short film | Haiku Review

Haiku Review

After watching the short film David Lynch In Four Movements . If you like to write a HAIKU REVIEW – leave Haiku in the Comment section of this post or your own . Express the views you feel about the ‘Moveable Painting’ …

A new short will appear on Fridays so feel the Muse when it happens.

One of the ways to write Haiku is using the 5-7-5 syllable combination . often writing one or more verses. It is an option . not a rule. Enjoy the fun and creativity of 1st) viewing the short film . 2nd) looking for your Haiku and creating it 3rd) sharing it if you so desire.

Here’s to the Haiku Review Challenge
Cheers! – j.kiley

by j.kiley

Surreal his mind
Reality is blinding
A character grows

Multiple world views
Story telling bouncing out
Strange . acceptable

© j.kiley 2018
Haiku Couplet

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David Lynch in Four Movements 2018 Edition | Richard Vezina

Rate . . . PG
Genre . . . Tribute to David Lynch . Twin Peaks . Laura Palmer . Surreal . Film Art
Length . . . 19m 58s

This tribute/mashup to David Lynch was created in 2005 and shown initially in 2011. The 2018 edition is a new HD version that includes season 3 of Twin Peaks.

Music : Angelo Badalamenti/David Lynch : Questions In A World Of Blue, The Pink Room, Into The Night, Mysteries of Love

Vocal : Julee Cruise

Films: Inland Empire, Mulholland Dr., The Straight Story, Lost Highway, Fire Walk with Me, Twin Peaks, Wild at Heart, Blue Velvet, Dune, The Elephant Man, Eraserhead, The Grandmother, The Alphabet