Daphne Du Maurier | a love tribute

Daphne du Maurier, Writer, 1907 – 1989

I could fall in love with her now . this moment . looking into her eyes my heart calls as I fall into her eyes.

Not to mention she wrote Rebecca . The Birds . and much more . these just happen to be my favorites. If you want a touch of something more biographical I highly recommend the made for TV Film with Janet McTeer as Gertrude Lawrence (predominantly an actor on the stage) . Julie Andrews did a bio of Gertrude titled “Star” . The film I mean to mention is “Daphne” . Lead actor is Geraldine Somerville (played the Mother to Harry Potter . victim of Voldemort who also took Harry’s father.) Elizabeth McGovern (‘Downton Abbey’) is the wife of Daphne Du Maurier’s publisher . named Doubleday. they become friends . Daphne always wanted more. It’s a love story . filled with life till the end.

Look at her again . Look into her eyes . Daphne is beautiful and her story is hard and would be difficult to live through . but it gives one confidence . her creativity and her perseverance . stretching her imagination . getting around the sharp edges. One of the many brilliant female writers who need recognition . never to be forgot . there are some things we should never forget. – j.k

Romantic Scenes from ‘Daphne’ | Daphne Du Maurier & Gertrude Lawrence

You both give me so much. My life would be gone if I never found you. And an extra special thank you filled with love for Julie Andrews. Many different degrees of separation.

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