Dragons Weep – Ursula K. Le Guin 1929-2018.

Her writing is amazing & real . taking corners to build her ideas . the joyful sadness contained in her proclamations of truth . i am sad I only just starting bringing her into my world . her world was already there . just didn’t know it . Shawn . you brought ULK to us in this Divine Tribute . what a mind . what a writer . ideas so profound . i wish the world would hear it . maybe we could actually grow into a place of harmony if we all understood what Ursula Le Guin’s ideas meant for everyone . her commencement speech I hope was absorbed by all who have heard or read it . i know i am changed enough to want more . Thank you Shawn for your sensitivity. I reblog on “the secret keeper” to spread the words of sadness at her passing but maybe to one of her favorite worlds she created. j.k ‘the secret keeper’ & a new lover of Ursula Le Guin

MacKENZIE's Dragon's Nest

“My soul is ten thousand miles wide and extremely invisibly deep. It is the same size as the sea, and you cannot, you cannot cram it into beer cans and fingernails and stake it out in lots and own it. It will drown you all and never even notice.” 

… Searoad

There are writers who touch us, who teach us, who look at the world in eye-opening ways. Writers who not only reflect the world we live in but also dare to shape it into something the rest of us mere mortals had not even imagined. And when they are gone, and their voices silenced, there is a hole in the world; we are all the poorer for their passing.

For me, Ursula Le Guin was such a writer. 

The Lathe of Heaven; Left Hand of Darkness; Tales of Earthsea; The Dispossessed…In Fantasy and Science Fiction, novels, short stories…

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