3 thoughts on “Non Sequitur #3 | Better Not To Mention It

  1. Well YEAH! *snuffle, grumble, snort* Huny has brought that to my attention a time or three with her staring at something (nothing is there) and growling low in her throat, or suddenly perking up her ears and staring…the worst is when she suddenly leaps in the air and whirls around staring at the place she was just lying. THAT is the freakiest of all, because spiders? Just say NO. 🙂

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    • Animals are pixelated. They see beyond our vision. And your mention of spiders . I see them when no one else can. I’ve known my cats to sit & stare in one direction. No sound to human ears is going on. Could be mice through to spiders. I say the last gingerly b/c they freak the S%*t out of me like nothing else. Except cats or dogs acting like something is out there or in here or trying to do both places. 😲


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