Don’t Worry Be Happy | a song

-16°F Wind Chill outside (Live in Southern Vermont) . Power went out in the middle of the night last night . today we have been bomparded with fixers for a water main break . This all began less than 7 hours ago. I felt I needed a lift & this is what I decided upon . To partake of vaping some wonderful Gorilla Glue Flower from the plant of the Cannabis . Please join me if you so desire . Oh I forgot to mention . my body moments ago went into a total containment of full out pain. So I will step away & leave you to enjoy the hypnotic dancing of whom I refer to as the ‘cool dancing guy’ . Listen to some Bob Marley . You will find his video at the bottom of this post . Before that take a look at a photo of how beautiful a Cannabis bud looks in her full brilliance . Cheers & Inhale . j.k 💨🖖🎶⚡🎨👣🌹😎👋❣

cool dancing guy

Bob Marley – Don’t Worry Be Happy

2 thoughts on “Don’t Worry Be Happy | a song

    • Some moments it’s impossible. It feels the world and all the bullshit in it is against all of us. ps. not especially in one of those good moods at the moment. Just plain disgusted with the gov’t in this country & all the other people who create more BS not even connected with the gov’t . just their own petty beliefs they are the only ones who suffer & the only things where bad things happen to them. We all get screwed at some moments in time. It’s not something we plan. It just is.


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