Don’t Worry Be Happy | a song

-16°F Wind Chill outside (Live in Southern Vermont) . Power went out in the middle of the night last night . today we have been bomparded with fixers for a water main break . This all began less than 7 hours ago. I felt I needed a lift & this is what I decided upon . To partake of vaping some wonderful Gorilla Glue Flower from the plant of the Cannabis . Please join me if you so desire . Oh I forgot to mention . my body moments ago went into a total containment of full out pain. So I will step away & leave you to enjoy the hypnotic dancing of whom I refer to as the ‘cool dancing guy’ . Listen to some Bob Marley . You will find his video at the bottom of this post . Before that take a look at a photo of how beautiful a Cannabis bud looks in her full brilliance . Cheers & Inhale . j.k 💨🖖🎶⚡🎨👣🌹😎👋❣

cool dancing guy

Bob Marley – Don’t Worry Be Happy

ROKU Trending Tweets | Church Signs | Be a Lighthouse

I faithfully watch Twitter everyday on ROKU with their Daily Trending Tweets. They alter as the day & night goes by . I decided to create my own impromptu postings of one’s I find trendingly outstanding. The following is just one of ‘THE BEST OF THE DAY SO FAR’ . . . Good Idea? We’ll see.  Intend to keep going until the Significant Messages have faded away. – j.kiley

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This Week In Church Signs:

#ChurchSigns are in no way related to my beliefs