“Being Stoned Is . . . ?”

*Stoned has many symbolical meanings . but in this instant I am referring to an altered state of consciousness by means of any method safe to the body of the partaker of the altering substances . alcohol is included within the mind body et al. transforming ingredients . no prejudice but do be careful with those alterations which can make you actually DEAD.

2 thoughts on ““Being Stoned Is . . . ?”

  1. Being stoned is better than: living a lie. I’m referencing the literal meaning of “stoned”; in other words being hit with rocks until you do die. I don’t think this practice exists any more, but I could be wrong. Watching an old movie the other night, an Arab (or other culture in the East over there) was stoned to death for adultery. The movie was set in 1963….so who knows? To me death, even by that archaic and horrid means would be better than hypocrisy. What a fascinating question! Thanks! 🙂

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    • I actually had the version of being stoned mentioned in my mind you brought up here. It was what I was referring to when I said being stoned had symbolic meanings. In the bible it was a method of punishment usually for women if they were being inappropriate in their sexual behavior. A horrid way to treat someone and a horrid way to die.

      Thank you for your honest answer and how you felt the question to be fascinating. I shall throw it out there again some day. See what comes to mind in the future. 😊


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