Exception of Belief | a poem

by j.kiley

Inspired manic sensibilities
Lead to an interpretation
Of the unknowable existence

Rare exceptions
Fall under the category
Of Belief . I believe

It’s whether they do . or not
Does that make it relevant . or relative
Having any discussion of Reality

Questions . wanting answers
Always demanding something
Of what We know . or don’t

© j.kiley
Free Verse & Non-sense

16 thoughts on “Exception of Belief | a poem


    I manage
    My uncertainty
    Though many
    View it a terrifying
    Spawn of the Devil

    Find themselves
    Fearful of drowning
    In danger
    And adrift
    Understandably therefore
    Cling to some lifebuoy


    • Cleverly written. Will need time to even see if I am able to respond in an adequate fashion. Shadows of Noel Coward (this side of the pond) and good old Oscar Wilde (on your side). If it works I will send a second reply to your message. 🙂 ps. Due for my acupuncturist to come to home to give me a treatment. I hope it works on whatever is ailing me today. I less my usual self. Hard to breathe yet not a cold or anything like that. We hope it will leave by tomorrow (Monday). How is everything. I think of you both often. 🌹🌹🌹

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      • I am off for a few days. Attending the funeral of an old friend so won’t be on WP. I hope you are soon recovered. Have you seen the film “Clouds Of Sils Maria”? I’m sure you would both appreciate it and may even know it,


        • Sorry to here about old friend & funeral. I may have seen “Clouds of Sils Maria” – I know Shawn has & Julia Ormand plays the lead. It would have been awhile back in years. Will look for it again. Maybe on Netflix DVD.

          In response to recovery . I feel as though I am in a rotating door of recovery. Good to all levels & bad to all levels pretty much equally experienced. I did have acupuncture on Sunday & suddenly I am able to breathe and don’t feel the morning sickness. One should be able to wake up feeling like sleep mended all the ills throughout the night. It’s doing that now. Doing the needles twice a month on Sundays (2 days in a row). Jeff – you’d like him. He does the needles to me. He is one of us. Whatever that means. A believer in the healing arts & much more.

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        • Sorry to hear about your friend. Shawn has seen ‘Clouds Of Sils Maria’. I love the lead ‘Julia Ormand’ but I had some problem getting into it. It may have been the cold. I will give it another try. We may have in our collection or I will hunt it down. Thinking of you. j.k ❣

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          • While many Hollywood features are full frontal in-your-face a lot of European directors like to try to present what they have to say in an indirect way. I watched it – admittedly a DVD without subtitles 😦 – and concluded that I needed to see it again. When I did – including use of headphones – I appreciated it far more. It also got me thinking “I bet Jennifer and Shawn would enjoy this”.


            • Have been ill with something going around plus an added ailment. Been sleeping a lot. Maybe I will make a search today & see what I can find. It may even be on Netflix DVD. If not able to find over the multiple channels we have at our fingertips.

              When you are speaking of frontal-in-your-face are you referring to nudity or straightforward storytelling? Subtitles? Is it not in English? For some reason I thought it was. Don’t mind subtitles but if you didn’t have them I would have recommended getting stoned – turning he sound off – putting on some great music – and had a great time trying to figure out or make up what was going on. Just a suggestion. Use to do in the college days.

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              • Sorry to hear you have been unwell. I hope you are fully recovered now, or soon will be.

                I was not referring to nudity but storytelling and overall “feel” and “atmosphere. I think there is a definite “European” way of creating a film, though not all films made in Europe (including the UK) qualify. Similarly not all US films fall into the stereotypical “Hollywood blockbuster” category either.

                As for subtitles. When I had an operation to remove a meningioma there was some scarring of the part of my brain that processes language. My hearing is better than average, especially for my age, but decoding the sounds into words and meaning can be tricky. We have our video/TV is set up to show subtitles whenever possible these days. Headphones help too but that impairs togetherness so I don’t use them when we watch things as a couple.

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  2. That must be frustrating. Togetherness is more important than understanding everything going on. I don’t misunderstand the words but sometimes I have an awful time tracking what is happening. Shawn has to explain. Short term memory loss. What happens with your decoding sounds into words and meaning? Is it at all similar to having a dyslexic reaction to what you hear rather than what you see. Subtitles – do that make more sense when trying to understand the decoding? I don’t suppose there are headphones you could both use together with a speaking device in case either of you wanted to say something. Shawn & I press pause when we have some misunderstanding with what is going on or if we just have something to say. I can’t wait or I will forget. Remind me where you had your surgery for your meningioma. How long ago did you go through the procedure? I know you have told me about this before. j.k

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    • I forgot to add. ‘Clouds of Sils Maria’ is on Netflix. Too late tonight to watch. Have seen before. Thought it was a different film with Julie Ormond but this has Juliet Binoche . Kristen Scott Thomas & Kristen Stuart. All actors I love to see in great films. ‘Clouds . . .’ is a great film. The last time I saw I felt the premise of the film was curious. Imagine someone playing your part when you have passed the age of the character. How would that make anyone feel? No one really wants to be older. It sucks when it starts pushing on your door & your bones. I have to go out tomorrow so I may have to wait until Friday to watch during the day. I will be finished with these crappy meds I’ve been taking for a week. They make one sick. I was actually feeling good until I started taking them. A necessity but next time I need the same kind of medication I am going to find something less harsh.
      With subtitles do you feel you are getting enough of the meaning? What if you aslo added surround sound to add to how you recieve all the words. j.k

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      • Glad you found “Clouds…” to (re)watch It seems my suspicion that it would be one you and Shawn would appreciate was well founded. When something has no subtitles and I can’t “get” what folk are saying then if it’s important enough I have another go with headphones which clears up 80-90 % of the problem.


    • We us “Pause” sometimes but generally it’s about me not recognising whether someone in a scene is the same character who’s been in earlier scenes. Inability to recognise/remember someone has been around since my 20s. No idea of the cause. In real life it can take me quite a while or several meetings to fix a “new” person in my mind with certainty. The operation was around 10 years back.


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