6 thoughts on “No Such Thing As Quiet #100

    • In this comic strip . it’s Calvin who drives everyone bonkers. In my home it’s the cats who are being disagreeable or our Amazon parrot Saki who bites me hard when Shawn approaches. I do believe Saki thinks Shawn is an assassin out to get me. If I have Saki on my hand or near it & Shawn approaches with something to give Saki immediately Holy Hell bites my hand with excited vigor & I scream bloody murder. I now have a huge bruise and several vampire holes in my left thumb due to Saki’s sharp and decisive knife like thrust. And let me make it clear . Saki does draw blood and pain. Ah . but I love her so & never stay pissed off at her for very long. What can I say I love them both. Shawn . she does love Saki & is trying to learn. We hand off at long distances when we are conscious of where Saki is looking. She’s a devil but I am in understanding with her. Her 1st 8 yrs were Hell before we adopted her. She watches over me when I am in Hell. Sits vigil right under my chin until I feel better. What an angel. How could I be angry with her.💕💞❣

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