@NRA | “Everything’s Okay…You’re Safe” | sayeth Uncle Sam

“paw of truth”

We’re not safe when bullets fly endlessly
The @NRA has 5 million members.
Should 1.5% of the population
Get to dictate gun policy for the other 98.5%?
#TexasChurchMassacre 26 Dead . Mostly Children
This happened on Sunday the 5th of November 2017

4 thoughts on “@NRA | “Everything’s Okay…You’re Safe” | sayeth Uncle Sam

  1. No, they shouldn’t. However, they have lots of lobbyists and line pockets of politicians with the help of weapons manufacturers, and our so-called “leaders” are more interested in retaining their cushy jobs as so-called “leaders” rather than protection of their constituents and rational policy making. I wonder if this had happened on Capital Hill instead of a tiny town in Texas if they’d be singing a different tune. Irresponsible asshats they are, the lot of them.


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