Lynch Mobs Make Bad Voters | No #ChurchChat Sign Today

In Trump’s America, To Kill A Mockingbird is considered Liberal Propaganda. Harper Lee saw a lot of Donald Trump supporters in her day.

Steve Redmond‏ @sjredmond


A Mississippi HS is removing To Kill a Mockingbird because it makes people uncomfortable, yet this is the flag they fly out front daily.

Hugh Jass‏ @CelticWombat

6 thoughts on “Lynch Mobs Make Bad Voters | No #ChurchChat Sign Today

    • I feel some people want their nation & the rest of us should leave b/c we believe in equality & diversity. Sometimes I feel we haven’t moved very far from the Civil War. The Haters are alive & well in their false sense of feeling ownership over everyone. The White Patriarchy has kept us all down. Their rights start & stop with the Constitution & the words Emma Lazarus’ poem on the Statue of Liberty.

      Puerto Rico is part of US & her citizens are US citizens . They belong & need help. They also paid their taxes to receive the same help as anyone within the states of the US. It would be barbaric to turn away & leave them suffering. Which the not-elected person in the WH would love to do. We can not allow him to do that.

      The Truth is visible . we just need to look to see it.

      I don’t like nor want the prejudice but with police brutality & a central government that turns on everyone but a certain color & belief of people who are trying to suck us backwards. This struggle is far from over but hopefully the side with sense will be able to rebuild the damage done through the struggle.

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