A Happy Birthday Tribute for Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews was born Eighty-two (82) years ago today . October 01 1935

I want to wish Julie the Happiest of Birthdays with this short pictorial of memories I have felt in my life due to who she has been through the years so far.

Julie Andrews . No longer Maria . She is a transformation of all she experienced during her life time as far as it has come. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIE . I hope you have many more decades to go to continue learning and enjoying the depth of your life.

Camelot with Richard Birton as King Arthur opposite Julie as his Queen Guenevere. Between Camelot . My Fair Lady . and Boyfriend . I listened thousands of hours and many new albums . needed to be replaced. I was in love. She is spectacular. I love many actors for their talent and personalities but Julie Andrews has stood out more brightly than anyone I have ever seen. She is a STAR and Julie will SPARKLE INFINITELY.

This photo is taken around the time of Julie and Carol Burnett were preparing to perform together for the first time at Carnegie Hall and it is the first time I saw either perform or even knew who they were. I was a wee one at the time. I was literally and figuratively blown away by both of them and particularly Julie Andrews. Wow.

A shot of Julie in the first film I watched her in. This is from The Americanization of Emily . the best of the Anti-War films.

A collection of clips when put together . there appears the Practically Perfect in Every Way .  Mary Poppins.

One of the most breathtaking scenes . their dancing together made it hard for me to breath . also.

Breathtaking Dance Scene from The Sound of Music

The Laendler . Maria and the Captain Dancing

“You’re face is all red.” “Is it? I don’t suppose I’m used to dancing.” (The children were making their observant but innocent comments).

Julie Andrews and her husband Blake Edwards Hugging. It was on 31 Dec 1993 in Gstaad, Switzerland

Like so many . I wished Julie was my mom . my grandmother told me Julie should be my mom . that was before my gram died when I was too young to lose her. So Julie did become my mom . a not too distant surrogate.

One of my favorite songs Julie sang . . .

The opening of The Sound of Music with Julie singing . dancing . and being blown over by a helicopter as it filmed her scene from above.

Some words from Julie Andrews I found touching and philosophical.

“Once in a while I experience an emotion onstage that is so gut-wrenching, so heart-stopping, that I could weep with gratitude and joy. The feeling catches and magnifies so rapidly that it threatens to engulf me.” ― Julie Andrews Edwards, Home: A Memoir of My Early Years

“Remember: the amateur works until he can get it right. The professional works until he cannot go wrong.” ― Julie Andrews Edwards, Home: A Memoir of My Early Years

12 thoughts on “A Happy Birthday Tribute for Julie Andrews

    • Mandy was the first of Julie’s books I read. I love she works with Emma in the creative realm of writing . including theatre too. They are so beautiful together. I watched as Emma grew up from a wee baby. I enjoy Julie’s Green Room on Netflix. Are you aware she has been and still is directing My Fair Lady in Australia. She ran into Angela Lansbury during one of their breaks. I love to hear from her other fans.


  1. No, I didn’t know that! I studied with Emma privately and at Southampton one summer. Such a talented woman who is doing great work. I was a client for several years — great editor. Her mother is artistic and Emma knows the nuts and bolts. Together they make a great mother-daughter writing team.

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    • That must have been a pleasure to work with Emma. I agree with you on the distinctions of Julie’s artistic nature and Emma putting it all together. Did you ever get to see the film Blake Edwards made with Julie and Emma including Jack Lemmon and his son. It is titled ‘That’s Life’. It was such a warm and humorous film and such fun seeing the two families merge. Unfortunately it is impossible to find the film. I did have it on Beta (way back) but it is lost. If you ever come across That’s Life I highly recommend you check it out. Plus let me know.

      I am still Wowed you studied with Emma. How marvelous.

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      • Yes I saw “That’s Life.” It was a fun movie with both Emma and Jennifer in it. Didn’t realize you can’t get it anymore. Emma is a wonderful teacher and knows her stuff. Her efforts are now at Stonybrook Southamptom University where she started the summer writing program for children’s authors in PB, MG and YA. She’s staff there and also started the MFA program for writers. But, the program is for all of the arts and I met screen writers, actors, poets and so on.


        • I did know Emma had started a writing program but did not realized how extensive it was. The inclusion of all the arts sounds exciting. From the name of the University . I would assume it is in their territory of Long Island. Julie does call it home when she is not on the road working.


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