Need A Laugh | Stephen Calls Bruce Willis A Liar… MISTAKE

Stephen Calls Bruce Willis A Liar… MISTAKE

Everyone knows who Stephen is . especially the spooks who live in the White House presently.

11,516,013 views the numbers live up to their standards

I would wager you will L-ur-MFAO. It caused my partner . in her study on the second floor to be disturbed by an abundance of laughter. She wanted to know why. I made contact over the intercom with the YouTube URL. I am posting it before I know the results of her reaction. [Will Post Later if their is one . I’m sure there will be later].

IF YOU NEED A LAUGH TODAY I sure did after reading The NY Times . I went so far as to call my Senators in WASH DC. Do go there . then get out quickly . can’t take a chance of contamination . the RePubs are defiantly active . diabolical rats . my apologies to all the good republicans that don’t fit in this aforementioned category . please vote against Graham’s latest attempt for the Senate & House to Repeal the Affordable Care Act A.C.A. or as the Menace Troll prefers to call it Obamacare . what he was quoted as saying in the NYTimes about Barack’s intelligence and memoir made me sick to my stomach . he is so hateful and venomous . so now that I took you on the Eleanor Rigby Train Ride toward Despair . LISTEN TO THIS VIDEO. IT’S SURE TO CHEER YOU UP QUICKLY WITH BELLY-LAUGHING LAUGHTER . COOL! – j.kiley

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