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Forever Young | Alphaville | Lyrics

Those who died too young are too many. The ones I have felt their deaths so intensely I will share photographs. For the past several Saturdays I have been paying Tribute to some of those I miss. There are others who’s deaths . I will always remember them while they were alive.

This Tribute is for James Dean. The video for the song ‘I Still Cry’ by Isle Delange was made into a tribute for James Dean as well as for River Phoenix. It is the perfect Tribute Song.

It makes me sad missing James Dean and River Phoenix. I wasn’t even alive when James Dean died in a car crash . but I was in love with a woman Sculptor who was his doppelganger.
In her awakening my feelings for her . it reinforced how deeply I felt for James Dean.

Watching ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ makes me cry for James and Natalie Wood both. They all died too young. Too many died too young. Natalie Wood is for another day. Her story is involved in too much mystery . secrets and lies . dying in a way that terrified her in life . it is why it made no sense she died in water.

I suppose doing these tributes the past few weeks has been helpful. There are those few who effect my life profoundly. It is impossible to forget them and I choose not to. I don’t want to forget them. They are part of my emotional soul and always will be.

I do hope the songs are comforting for anyone who listens. – j.kiley ’17


I Still Cry | Isle Delange | Tribute for James Dean