Michael Bennett | #BlackLives Matter

Michael Bennett . Pro Football Player . Member of Seattle Seahawks

Michael Bennett (Pro Player for Seattle Seahawks) was subdued by the Las Vegas PD. He was doing nothing more than responding to hearing gun shots. In his letter he questioned if he was going to die. He speaks of the treatment he receives. It is disgraceful. It does end when the LVPD realize Michael Bennett is a Famous Professional Football Player for the Seattle Seahawks. Then and only then do they release him. Keep in mind he did nothing more than being black in a situation where everyone was in fear for their lives after the shots were heard. This terrifying example of police brutally without cause shows exactly how important it is to believe in and support #BlackLivesMatter. Michael Bennett is also from Houston Texas and concerned about his home town. Read the letter below to hear about what happened to Michael Bennett in his own words.

I should also mention that during his football games . out of protest to freedom and equality being lacking for everyone . he sits during the performing of the National Anthem. My point of view is he has every right to carry out his protest of being seated and I would join him if I were in the same situation. – j.kiley

An important statement Michael Bennett made . which I would like to share .
“I believe in the connection of people, it’s the connection of oppressed people around the world, of different colors, different cultures and not just thinking what you’re going through is the most important thing.”

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