Proust: ‘Piece of Sky’

“Remembrance of Things Past”
September 3rd 2017 | #114


“Not caring for their lives’ is it? Why, what in the world is there that we should care for if it’s not our lives, the only gift the Lord never offers us a second time.”
― Marcel Proust

“Everything that seems imperishable tends to extinguishment.”
― Marcel Proust

“The most exclusive love for a person is always a love for something else.”
― Marcel Proust, Within a Budding Grove, Part 2

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.” ― Marcel Proust

“…my house contains every useless thing in the world. it lacks only the one essential, a piece of sky like this one…” ― Marcel Proust

ghost of proust at grave