Haiku Review | An Interview with MONIKA TREUT | a short film


The Challenge is to write a HAIKU REVIEW after watching the short film An Interview with MONIKA TREUT . Feel free to write in Single – Couplet – Triplet Haiku Verses using 17 syllables per verse . Lines in 5-7-5 . Try to Review the short film below as close to your interpretation of what you viewed and how all your senses responded to it. Think of it as looking at a moveable painting.

If you decide to take on the HAIKU REVIEW CHALLENGE  Leave your Haiku in the Comment Section of this post on ‘the secret keeper’ . so others will be able to view what you have created. I will be posting my own HAIKU REVIEW just above the video of An Interview with MONIKA TREUT .

If this film doesn’t inspire . don’t worry. A new short film will appear every Friday for you to try your skills at the WEEKLY HAIKU REVIEW CHALLENGE .

Here’s to engaging in the Haiku Review Challenge | Clinks & Cheers! – j.kiley

by j.kiley

U.S. Government
L.G.B.T.Q. threatened
Reality show

Muslims . Women too
3rd Reich’s new toy means destroy
Art is in danger

Women Power’s strength
Imbalanced . hard to gain growth
Sapphic’s entangled

© j.kiley ’17
Haiku Triplet

Best Viewing Experience Open Video Full Screen

An Interview with MONIKA TREUT

Rating . . . PG
Genre . . . Interview
Length . . . 5m 8s