Song Tribute | Chris Cornell | Sunshower

Chris Cornell Photos | Singing ‘Sunshower’

by j.kiley

The Truest Fan
Feelings Broken
For Only Just Finding You
You possess
A Beautiful Power
A Haunting Voice
It Tears through my Soul

Hope you find Paradise
Divine Sweet Poet
Deep inside you
The Rock Legend
Whose Presence Passes
Like Melting Energy
Inside the Spirit

Your Voice
Touched by Angels
The Deepest Lyrics
By The Muse
Your Musical Gift
Shared with the World

More people are touched
By you than Imagined

My Heart
Hearing your Voice
Singing ‘The Promise’
You have left Too Soon

Yearning for You
But you’re gone
Your Gift
Giving to Souls
Who just listen
RIP Sweet Poet

© j.kiley ’17
Free Verse

Chris Cornell RIP