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'maggie the cat'

‘maggie the cat’

Who is Annie Wilkes? What film does she appear in? Who plays the part?

Now let’s see if anyone remembers her without first using search engines and/or IMdB. Use your memory recall. I belonged to a Cinema Discussion Group I discovered online back before Forums existed and the Internet was just beginning to take form. It was a knowledgeable group of Cinephiles discussing films in great detail. Often contributing film reviews just after a film was fresh on the big screen.

One day the thread was about a name I did not recognize but so many other members seemed very much in the know. You have to realize this was long before IMdB and for some reason I had not seen the film yet. I was brave enough to ask any of the members: “Who is Annie Wilkes?” I received multiple responses of amusement at my lack of knowledge . as though I was supposed to know who she was . what film her character was in . and what actor played her. When someone told me the answer I was surprised.

So now I am asking anyone out there if they know the answers to my questions. If you know the answers . indicate in the comment section a yes or no after you see the answer I reveal. I will include all the information you will need. For those who already remember her character right away or after a short pause recall in your memories just who ‘Annie Wilkes’ is . Congratulations! She is quite the character and she is played by someone famous today. She’s one of the best actors I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying in many films and recently in a series TV Anthology. Just who am I talking about? I ask you one last time: “Who is Annie Wilkes?”



The ANSWER is:

‘Annie Wilkes’ is one of two main characters in a film adapted from a Stephen King novel. It turns out ‘Annie Wilkes’ is one scary individual. One day her dreams come true when she is able to rescue an extremely injured and unconscious man who was in a car accident. She found the man inside his car which is buried in the the snow.

It turns out he is her all time favorite writer with whom she is overly obsessed. After she gets him back to her house and settled. She decides she will take care of him while he heals. In her obsession . she is excessively angry with him. He did something in his writing career which she cannot forgive. In a series of books he had written . he made the mistake of killing off her favorite character . ‘Misery Chastaine’.

From this information I share . I ask you to watch the movie trailer below to get a taste of just how off her nut ‘Annie Wilkes’ really is. She is one freaking mother-f***king character who scares the shit out of me. I’ve watched this character in her role just once through. That was enough. I made several attempts to watch it again but it was too frightening a prospect for me.

The actor who portrayed ‘Annie Wilkes’ is [if you do not know by now] none other than the incomparable Kathy Bates. She won an Oscar for her portrayal of Annie Wilkes in the film ‘Misery’ and I dare anyone reading this to watch the film alone or with someone else. The someone else would more likely be preferred by the virgin viewers of ‘Misery’ . it truly is frightening. Be prepared for some bloody terrifying moments. There are many of those. – ‘maggie the cat’

Misery Trailer

Film Summary:

Novelist Paul Sheldon (James Caan) crashes his car on a snowy New England road. He is found by Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates), the “number one fan” of Paul’s heroine Misery Chastaine. Annie is also somewhat unstable, and Paul finds himself crippled, drugged and at her mercy.

Kathy Bates Wins Best Actress: 1991 Oscars

9 thoughts on “The Question Is . . . Film Character

    • I too love the film Dolores Claiborne. Justice succeeded. It’s totally understandable not wanting to watch scary films . particularly in the horror category . but the scary films that are really scary is when the story is completely plausible. ‘Annie Wilkes’ could really exist and often does. I rarely watch scary films but sometimes I want to check them out if they are excellently made productions. Tarentino . Hitchcock . Wes Craven . they are my favorites. They all could happen. It’s like seeing the evil side of reality staring into you face. When the horror is unreal . that’s when it really sucks. But good scary is worthy. A good example of good scary is Hannibal Lector (the Series that was on NBC for 3 seasons). He fascinates me. Psychological studies in the character’s tendencies is fascinating and worth going through the scary. If it’s for expanding one’s mind . that makes the fear worth experiencing. I watch Criminal Minds & it really freaks me out half the time (we turn it off then) but I love the mind of a certain main character & how he relates to the sickness inside the criminal they are searching for. The Silence of the Lambs was the hardest film I’ve watched. I was warned to never see this film. I kept away for just so long. Yes there are films that have freaked me out so badly I cannot even think their names without being disturbed by what I heard & saw. I hope you were able to make it through this comment. Thanks for what you wrote. It was inspiring.


      • Agreed. I don’t mind scary criminal shows like Criminal Minds. There is that strange fascination with the serial killer mind. I am particularly drawn to the Scandinavian Noir, brooding suspense. The Finish season of Bordertown on Netflix was awesome.


  1. Couldn’t have answered any of your questions. I have seen the film but never again thank you. I didn’t exactly block it out of my mind but did not retain much. I couldn’t recall the name of the film even after you began describing the plot, First I recognised the plot, then when you mentioned Kathy Bates I got a visual of her in the film and of the man in his bed.

    I remember seeing a strong link (in my mind) between “Misery” and “The Beguiled”.

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    • There are a few films I can’t even think of the name without freaking out. So I’ve blocked them.
      I can see some resemblance with ‘Misery’ and ‘The Beguiled’ . in fact there is a new version with Nicole Kidman. Due out here in the states the 1st or 2nd week of Nov ’17. it’s on our Netflix DVD/Blu-Ray rental list. So Hope to seeing it soon. Will let you know what I think. Thought the original was bordering on freaky.

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