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A film where truth is allowed to become real. Thanks Shawn. More to come on this front in the future. Not for awhile yet.

Both straight and LGBTQ feel the exact same hesitation . the shyness when facing feelings of love. Violence is a part of LBGTQ reality. The threats are being reawakened into a frenzy with some of the recent months. Those who threaten are those who should protect out Freedoms . Civil Rights . and Equality. Starting young is a great way to break the damage the world has done toward cultivating a hatred toward those unlike the norm or ourselves if we are the right selves. I don’t fit in with any norms . never have . never will. The film creates thoughts of wanting Freedom to be Free for everyone. We need to #StopTheHate and start to learn to tolerate and accept the differences and sameness. – j.kiley

Off the Rails - Track 451

Because the news and the weather can be just too oppressive for words, here is a wonderful tonic for the soul: In a Heartbeat, a short film by Beth David and Esteban Bravo. Enjoy.

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