ROKU Trending Tweets | ‘Church Signs’

I faithfully watch Twitter everyday on ROKU with their Daily Trending Tweets. They alter as the day & night goes by . I decided to create my own impromptu postings of one’s I find trendingly outstanding. The following is just one of ‘THE BEST OF THE DAY SO FAR’ . . . Good Idea? We’ll see. – j.kiley

Tweeted by Ralph Hass_VO Actor @RalphH_VO

This Week In Church Signs:

signs re-created by j.kiley

3 thoughts on “ROKU Trending Tweets | ‘Church Signs’

    • Yes Twitter is where to find out what’s trending. I bypass scrolling through & use Twitter on ROKU which brings the latest trends with some of the greatest responses with links included. Checking Twitter out online I look for what’s trending . my personal stuff . and my Twitter scroll. It has charge dramatically since its inception. More selective what is sent through. Important to use # & @???whatever. Helps messages reach destinations.

      I even have some new possible Church Signs for the future.

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