The Legacy of Paranoid Thrillers | a short film

A film poster chosen from the list below the video. It stood out as one of the my favorite of paranoid thriller films. Warren Beatty is brilliant in ‘The Parallax View’ . and the scary excitement is well executed . just as watching the insides of the guts of several other choices I would recommend viewing.

I would say we are living inside a paranoid film from which we are unable to awaken. This is a scary and sad state of affairs when the paranoia comes from your own government’s actions. And a questionable leader who hasn’t a clue how to lead nor how to govern. Six months in office and all we get are frightening and absurd tweets fighting against his own paranoia about the press and both sides of the political isle trying to get him. The Emperor truly does not have any clothes but all those around him are too afraid to tell him.

The world conspires to push him out when in actuality he has stepped back from his position . turning over duties to his own family members. Each day they dig deeper into the well of treasonous behavior and flippantly wave it away as though the viewer were mad and imagining what they see . hear . and read.

Take heed when someone says the word ‘conspiracy’ . because someone calling something a conspiracy is often considered unstable . when in actuality calling something a conspiracy does not always mean someone is paranoid. A conspiracy can actually be a conspiracy. But I think the human mind prefers to believe only one person is behind what happens . rather than accept a group is responsible for something so heinous . one would rather think it was just one person or no one at all. It was just an accident.

People like believing in accidents . it’s preferable to thinking someone conspired to assassinate . for example: John F. Kennedy . Robert F. Kennedy . Martin Luther King Jr. . Malcolm X . John F. Kennedy Jr. It’s too bizarre to think another family was responsible . and others important in one form of politics or another . were involved in their murders. Easier to accept the false truth the government officials give us as answers to all the questions.

It’s no wonder Paranoid Thrillers are so successful . they speak the truth we hide deep in our minds . afraid the Truth might be too real to handle mentally . it really is too heinous to think about too deeply.

Take a look at this intriguing short film to see what filmmakers have created for our mental excitement. A great list of films and chosen episodes from two fantastic series . follows at the end (Mr. Robot & X-Files . are the mentioned series by seasons and episodes) . I do believe I’ve seen most of the films mentioned.

In my heart of hearts . I have my own theories about conspiracies . I find some are not far off from the truth. Enjoy the mind trip this short film with give to you. Watch closely and think about what you see and hear. – j. kiley


The Legacy of Paranoid Thrillers | Travis Lee Ratcliff

Paranoid thrillers are constant in cinema’s history, but at any given moment they reflect our specific anxieties back to us and reveal how we feel about our institutions.

Here, I explore how paranoid thrillers crystallized as a genre in American cinema and examine the possibility of a contemporary renaissance in conspiracy fiction.


Referenced Films: All the President’s Men, Captain America; Winter Soldier, Chinatown, Cinema Paradiso, Citizen Four, Cutter’s Way, Double Indemnity, Get Out, Inherent Vice, Minority Report, Mr. Robot S1 E01, S1 E06, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Night Moves, Rosemary’s Baby, Seconds, Taxi Driver, The Conversation, The Manchurian Candidate, The Nice Guys, The Parallax View, Three Days of the Condor, Total Recall, V for Vendetta, X Files S4 E10

Appeared on ‘Expats Post’ Friday 14th July 2017 . Bastille Day . [La fête de la Bastille en France]

4 thoughts on “The Legacy of Paranoid Thrillers | a short film

    • According to Pollock . art comes from the unconscious mind . and you know what a mess that place can be in. I would say art reflects a deeper reality where most are not willing or unable to go . Art is the question with the answers hidden . only few are willing to try to figure out what any question means. Meaning is in the mix somewhere . Maybe art gives a glimpse of reality folded up inside a hallucination or many such trips. 😉

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      • For whatever reason whatever “my” unconscious shows me is generally quite entertaining, comfortable and instructive, so I am quite open and inviting. Dreams and creating/writing usually run smoothly and even the “negative” elements, once identified, acknowledged and confronted, bear gifts for which I am grateful and attempt to use in a helpful way.


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