Re-blog: Escaping the Cult: A Former Anti-Marijuana Advocate Smokes Weed for the First Time

An insightful journey . making it finally to the experience of using cannabis or as I just realized it truly is cannabliss © jk [a must use word I plan on dropping frequently] . it is an exceptional experience . I started using pot when I was 19 . it was the awakening of my mind & soul & accentuated my creativity . my life felt like it came alive.

I tried LSD [loved except for paranoia] . Mushrooms [a definitely Spiritual esperience .  went so far as to read the entire ‘Bhagavad Gita’ while tripping on Mushrooms . even drove to McD for a food fix for my partner & self] .  Cocaine [don’t like speed] . [once used heroin . no needles] . [did nothing for me] . it was Cannabliss which led to my joining the world.

Suddenly in early 1990 I stopped abruptly using pot . alcohol . caffeine . & cigarettes . instead i turned to pharma meds . huge error [era of my life] . they fucked up my head . i stopped them abruptly when the last one kept making me faint when I would stand up.

Five (5) years ago now . my doctor filled out the papers necessary to get my first Medical Marijuana [Cannabliss] License . the best thing to happen to my life . it brought me back to life . not b/c of just the high . but for the medical treatments . too many to mention here.

I thank the writer for putting together this piece . i found it well thought out & inspiring. As many as possible should read what has been written. And take it to the end for the phenomenal conclusion . My reblog quote says it all. – j.kiley

(reblog quote)”A brilliant examination of beliefs as they grow & change & the effects they have on altering one’s way of looking at themselves & the world. A great & must read.” – j.kiley

By Unknown

(High Existence)

I hated marijuana my whole life, and I hated marijuana smokers.

Potheads. Stoners. Hippies. Burnouts. Junkies. Losers. Any mention of weed and I’d automatically conjure up these images — images of high schoolers lounging around their parents’ basements. Giggling and eating junk food. Doing absolutely nothing to improve themselves or the world around them.

At the time, I was Straight Edge, which meant I had a very hardcore set of beliefs. I was never going to drink alcohol. I was never going to try drugs. I even told myself I was never going to have premarital sex. (That’s hardcore!)

“No booze. No drugs. No sex.” That was my motto.

That was my shitty, shitty motto. I believed that simply trying any of those things would lead to abuse.

I believe everyone should find a belief system that works for them. If you’re happy…

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ROKU Trending Twitter Tweets | ‘Overheard’

I faithfully watch  Twitter everyday on ROKU with their Daily Trending Tweets. They alter as the day & night goes by . I believe I may be starting my own impromptu posting of one’s I find trendingly outstanding. The following is just one of ‘THE BEST OF THE DAY SO FAR’ . . . Good title. We’ll see. – j.kiley

Tweeted by Eve Beauregard @Eve_Beauregard

Overheard on the train: “Babies are just fine but they don’t stay babies and that freaks me out. Like dogs are like, *al-ways* dogs. Whenever.”