Variations on a Line #1 | Coherence

Variations on a Line © j.kiley ’17

by j.kiley

Clarified ideas spark
Whimsy caressing visions
Wisdom’s clues release secrets
Revealing shadows of Truth

© j.kiley ’17

I decided the night I wrote this message . To begin a series titled ‘Variations on a Line’ . Here . Now . It is a painting . Next time a poem . Whatever it wants to be . It will be . I will write it . I will paint it . I will create it . When it happens . It will appear on Thursdays . If the Muse wants it to . I will do my best to ‘make it so’ . ‘Time is all I need’ . Or . ‘Love is all we need’ . A bit or lot of both . Hope it is inspirational . – j.kiley

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