alt-J “In Cold Blood” | a short film

A small creature like a wee mouse has many who would love to eat him/her. She must scurry along . watching every step . hyper-vigilance is essential for survival. Watch video and see how resourceful our wee mouse can be. And let’s not forget all the predators.

A lesson can be learned . we are all . each one of us . someone else’s prey . I know my life has in the past been overwhelmingly filled with predators . I now refer to them as Dementors . So what is one to do to make it until the next moment . in bravery . with minimal degrees of fear?

See what the mouse does . a pretty wild adventure . do you think she will make it . the scenery alone is worth a view . but I am routing for the under-mouse . how about you? – j.kiley


alt-J “In Cold Blood” – Narrated by Iggy Pop

Rating . . . MATURE
Length . . . 4m 24s

Director . . . Casper Balslev
Mouse Whisper . . . Jessie Davidsson

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