Proust: ‘In-Operable’

“Remembrance of Things Past”
June 11th 2017 . Part #102


This malady which Swann’s love had become had so proliferated, was so closely interwoven with all his habits, with all his actions, with his thoughts, his health, his sleep, his life, even with what he hoped for after his death, was so utterly inseparable from him, that it would have been impossible to eradicate it without almost entirely destroying him; as surgeons say, his love was no longer operable.” ― Marcel Proust, Swann’s Way

ghost of proust at grave

5 thoughts on “Proust: ‘In-Operable’

    • Yes It Is
      Has always been terminal
      Forever never
      Happy endings
      If Immortality
      Arrives after now

      Writing own ending
      Unless unexpectedly I don’t see it coming
      But then it wouldn’t be free will
      Hell of a time to cancel that deal

      We do know
      More than we let on
      More than is made available
      It’s there
      Look deeper
      Deep Deep Deep
      It’s all too DEEP
      Beyond comprehension
      But we know

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