I.D.A.C. | a short film

What the film maker wrote follows the films viewing. It tells more than I can say. It is a wonderful . touching true story told delicately by the protagonist. He speaks caringly about a life moving through as he tries to live it. Characters . note pad notes . tucked away into invisibility . promises dismissed lightly . but not maliciously . I would recommend sitting back for a short while . listen . watch . you will meet with profound and humorous moments . delightful descriptions. I say on with a Good piece of film making . meant to bring a true story alive in our minds. I do believe the film maker succeeds splendidly. – j.kiley


IDAC | Casimir Nozkowski

Rating . . . PG . Not for Adults Only
Length . . . 5m 42s
Genre . . . Light Drama . Humorous . Narrative . Auto-biographical

Synopsis: When I was leaving for college, my aunt Dana told me I had a cousin I’d never met who was matriculating in the same year as me. We shared classes and had friends in common but for some strange reason I never introduced myself. All during college, and then into the real world, through a decade of overlapping connections, we never met. This film is an examination of that hesitation and an attempt to understand why I never made the easiest connection in the world… until it was too late. Through archival footage and re-enactment of the era in question, IDAC is ultimately a documentary about what was happening on an unconscious level and how distant a relative can be even when they’re right in front of your face.

Production Notes: I’ve made over 100 short films, many of which examine issues of family, the blurry line between fiction and non-fiction and the sometimes disturbing, sometimes hilarious ways our memories fail us. IDAC is an autobiographical documentary which is a genre my movies (or at least parts of them) often fall into. The key with autobiography in my opinion is to avoid being sentimental at all costs. This does not mean you can’t be funny or can’t be authentic and personal – it’s just that it being your story does not automatically make it interesting. On top of that, IDAC also considers the way we dream and the way dreams can invade our everyday life – which is another subject matter that can easily steer a film awry. So making IDAC was exciting because once mindful of all these pitfalls, there was an enormous feeling of restraint that coursed through the documentary’s production. My hope is that people who see my film IDAC recognize familiar moments and feelings from their own lives: memories they can’t quite explain, people they think they know and dramatic, life-defining events that upon further scrutiny don’t exactly add up as neatly as they once thought.

2016 Hot Docs Film Festival premiere
2016 Rooftop Films
2016 Vassar Filmfest
2016 Iron Mule Film Festival
2017 Sarasota Film Festival

Written/Directed/Edited by Casimir Nozkowski
Music by Alexander Strung
Sound Mix by Tod Chapman
Color Grading by Phil Choe @ Nice Shoes
Featuring Hannah Bos, Amanda Duarte, Erin Edmison, Josh Henderson-Cox, Greg Glassman, Thomas Nozkowski, Joyce Robins

Thank you Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

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