Emily Dickinson | a rare soul

First edition of Emily Dickinson’s “Poems”
published in 1890 Emily Dickinson was such
a beautiful and rare soul . . .


We learned the Whole of Love—
The Alphabet—the Words—
A Chapter—then the mighty Book—
Then—Revelation closed—

[. . .]

Attempted to expound
What Neither—understood—
Alas, that Wisdom is so large—
And Truth—so manifold!

by Emily Dickinson

* * *

The Dickinson home called ‘The Homestead’

The late poet Adrienne Rich wrote of Emily Dickinson “I have come to imagine her as somehow too strong for her environment, a figure of powerful will, not at all frail or breathless.” – Jerome Charyn . ‘The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson . (passages not from book)