3 thoughts on “Do Not Touch #71

    • Great philosophical process. They are all joined by a line of deductive reasoning. Perfectly developed theory or hypothetical. (I have to admit I just vaped some Sherbet Cookie flower cannabis. Oh! What a lovely high. I feel I go through so many changes all of the time . Resistance is futile . Go where it guides . Always keep in mind we are one step from a reincarnation to those unacceptable systems surrounding us at the present. Too many shootings. Bombings. Everyday here someone else dies a violent death for no reason at all except they are black. Profiling. Assuming. Fear . the enemy of everyone. Peace . a delightful dream and wanting to keep it alive. I’m off. I am going to find all your comments uncommented on and comment forward. Changing all the time. WoW! Fractals are moving my line of enlightenment. Not just cuz I’s stoned. It will eventually help me sleep. Lately I have been forgetting about doing that. Not as long as past days on and on. Usually to around 6am.I need sleep but I do not like to sleep. it takes up too much time. i may sound crazy but I truly am sound. The pursuit of your words shall continue soon.

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      • The most useful thing I do is refrain from watching/listening to the “news”. I don’t eat poison so why watch/listen to it? The most nourishing work I do is dreaming while I am asleep. Although I am often semi-conscious while in dreamland. I am learning a great deal and am grateful.


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