You Have The POWER

‘You Have The POWER’ © j.kiley ’17

Painting of Emily Dickinson – Unknown

We don’t even have to attribute Emily Dickinson’s lines anymore. She’s become one of the most poignant icons of our new century – a full-blooded renegade – rather than a reclusive spinster with red hair – or a helpless agoraphobic trapped in a room in her father’s house. – Jerome Charyn, The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson (passage not from his book)

It has been told – Emily once invited a young woman into her bedroom/writing room – pretended to lock the door with an invisible key. She stated: “This is Freedom.” Her room (quite like Virginia Woolf later writing the book ‘A Room of One’s Own’) is where she was able to be free to think. Her intellect far surpassed the men of her day – even though women were not given the freedom to do any in depth studying. She was born a natural Genius – overflowing in ideas coming out of her unimaginable depths of perception. – j.kiley ’17

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