Forever Is Now

I am just beginning a project for my Pinterest Board: Emily Dickinson. She had the greatest effects on me when I was young and through my life and continues to grow deeper inside of me. Her life & her poetry has been an inspiration – a great deal more than most imagine. For the next several Saturdays I intend to feature Emily Dickinson in many forms. I begin with Emily Dickinson and with her I want to bring into visibility many of the women poets and writers who have gone overlooked or remain unknown. Men have cast dark shadows over the reflections of women. In the realm I am working with – The Arts – women are practically unnoticed or completely trivialized. We have a Voice – A Strong Voice – which in the times we find ourselves – Female Voices need to be set Free. It would be wise to let Female Visionaries speak their words on the page canvas stage sculpture film – without the limitations of age. An extensive opening toward women is a longing for the silent sounds and visions inside women to be felt alive in all the senses. Imagine the reverberations. – j.kiley

8 thoughts on “Forever Is Now

    • Forty volumes is a great deal to read through. I fortunately have been reading Emily Dickinson since college days. I will try to pick ones with her true bite when she wrote. Lots of fun things I hope to do. No promises how quickly it will evolve. My mind moves in many directions – it’s difficult to keep up.

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